Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nepal -Baidya, Leader of the revolutionary faction of the Maoist party -'Seven-point deal won't take off'

'Seven-point deal won't take off' : Baidya, Leader of the revolutionary faction of the Maoist party -
 'Agreement constitutes betrayal of people and nation'.

KATHMANDU: Claiming that the 7-point agreement among parties had betrayed the People’s Liberation Army, the hardline Maoist group led by senior Vice-chairman Mohan Baidhya and General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa today vowed not to allow implementation of the deal signed last night.

“This agreement is nothing but betrayal of the Nepali people and a symbol of surrender,” said general secretary Thapa, while addressing a special press conference organised here today. Standing Committee member Netra Bikram Chand, Thapa and Baidhya spoke aggressively proclaiming the night of November 1 a black day in Nepal’s history.

The hardliners expressed serious dissatisfaction with the party leadership’s deviation from the party’s decisions and provisions of the Comprehensive Peace Accord and Interim Constitution, that they would be integrated into the country’s security force.

“Our PLA soldiers, who gave us republican Nepal throwing out the monarch, cannot become forest guards and so on. Our party was for giving them responsibility of Border Security or making them regular army personnel in the NA,” said Thapa.

Thapa said the press conference was unique for his faction would make a bold commitment to fulfil the wishes of the people, which the party had promised while initiating the people’s war, in the presence of martyrs’ kin, the injured and kin of missing people, among others.

Asked whether the party would split, Baidhya said since the party was based on ideology, people and country,

they were not in the party

to continue love affairs. He, however, said the party would not split because of the ideological stance of his group, and if such a situation arose they would not hesitate to go ahead for the sake of the party and the people.

Baidhya claimed that his faction would try to create pressure on parties to correct the agreement, claiming that would further escalate the conflict instead of solving the problem. “We will begin street movements against the decision,” he said, adding that the party will take stock of all the wrongdoings of leaders.

Thapa said his faction would destroy the dreams of feudals and their agents to reign against people’s wishes.

Bones rival faction picked on

• Combatants’ role

• Unit-wise group entry

• Separate Leadership of force

• 50-50 per cent combination

• Peace Process and Constitution Drafting process must go simultaneously

• National Security Policy must be drafted before integration

• Alleges the agreement was only intended to disarm the PLA

• Govt turned down party decisions endorsed repeatedly by several meetings

• Entrapped by foreign forces

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