Friday, November 4, 2011

the last campaign 2-9 avril 2011 in italy - 'support people war in India'-


The campaign in Italy was carried out in a spirit of unity, with the objective of helping the communist and revolutionary forces, including youth and women, better understand its importance, both nationally and internationally.
We are like drops in the sea but the sea is made of many drops:” that was the spirit of our work in Italy.
Each advance of the revolutions in other countries is a drop in this sea; when transformed into the sea of armed masses, it can really change the face of the world.
Daily information was circulated, including distribution and posting of the international call. A slide show and a video were produced. No central activity was held but local and regional initiatives reached a significant number of workers, unemployed, precarious workers, students, women and migrants.
Meetings of workers and migrants took place in Venezia Marghera, Taranto, Palermo and Turin; street actions happened in popular neighbourhoods in Milan; meetings were held at the University of Palermo. A resolution of support was widely circulated as a leaflet and gained support from factory workers in Taranto, Bergamo and Palermo.

The resolution signed by workers and unemployed states:
India, the country where ‘workers burn the bosses’ — We, workers, temporary workers and unemployed people, hail the struggle of the popular masses against the reactionary regime of India and the imperialist powers that support it.
In India, the masses are fighting against the bosses, who sack and exploit them, against high prices, corruption and state terrorism. They are waging big demonstrations and strikes, factory occupations and other kinds of actions against the bosses.
In India, the government is well-decided to sell the natural and human resources to Western imperialist multinationals, to the new monopolies that own the big steel and automobile industries like Tata, Essar, Jindal, Mittal, etc., which extract profits from the fierce exploitation of workers —often women and children; profits that allow them to become purchasers and share-holders of the great international monopolies in those sectors, in alliance with the Italian bosses...
...The struggle for the rights of working people, for jobs, wages, better living conditions; the fight for freedom, for democracy; the struggle to overthrow the power of the bosses and put the power in the hands of the workers and the broad masses: those struggles have an international character and they unite us all over the world.
For those reasons, we express our outmost solidarity to the Indian masses and the party that leads them; we congratulate them for fighting against the enemy’s attacks and advancing towards victory.”

The women of the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement
joined the campaign with a message in which they hailed and embraced the masses of Indian women and those who participate in and support the People’s War and the Communist Party of India (Maoist).
They wrote:
...The international press noted that women are at the forefront in driving the revolution in India. A recent survey showed that among 290 Maoists operating in the guerrilla zones in Maharashtra, 74 are women, including some who are members of the Division Committees. Many of them are acting as commanders, to the point they now overcome their male comrades. Women are the targets of the repressive attacks of the State.
The state and its forces of repression are particularly vicious toward women; they don’t hesitate to use rape as a war tool. At the same time, the nature of class and sex oppression of women is profoundly linked with the basics of the system. For that reason, the protracted people’s war is attracting the participation of many oppressed women...
This makes the people’s war in India an integral part of the international struggle for the liberation of women. By waging a “revolution in the revolution” —that is to fight on two fronts, the class struggle and the gender struggle— the women masses are imposing their road and are bringing a general vision that will contribute to transforming the revolutionary struggle...”

The Maoist youth of the Red Block
also played a role in Palermo and wrote:
...With genuine internationalist spirit, we support the People’s War in India as it is decisive for the advancement of the world revolution. For us young Maoist revolutionaries struggling in imperialist citadels and metropolises, the People’s War in India is a source of inspiration and encouragement...”

Other adherents
Associazione Solidarietà Proletaria, Partito dei Carc, the Partito comunista dei lavoratori di Massa, the Coordinamento Immmigrati Toscana nord and ‘32’ democratic magazine also joined the campaign.
They wrote: “...The struggle of the people of India against exploitation, war, plunder of natural resources and environmental devastation is the same struggle that the masses of our country and of the whole world are fighting; our enemy is the same. This is why we join the week of support and will organize an activity on April 30 in Carrara...”

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