Wednesday, January 30, 2013

against British intervention in Mali

UK to send troops to Mali for war "War on Terror" in Africa : British Prime Minister Cameron in Algeria

Democracy and Class Struggle  says Cameron's and the Head of MI6's visit to Algeria confirms the interlinked events in this region.

Britain does not want to be left out in the battle for resources from Africa - The Ango/French Entente Imperialism is planning the re- Colonialisation of Africa in the 21st century.

The visit of Cameron to Algeria is part of the new Imperialist design.

In reality, the dispatch of French commandos to the uranium mines in Niger only underscores the overriding economic and geo-strategic motives behind the French military intervention in Mali. Under the cover of a supposed war against Islamist “terrorists” and a defense of the central government in Mali, French imperialism is using its military might to tighten its grip on its resource-rich former African colonies.

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