Sunday, January 13, 2013

for a new phase of the international support to people's war India

milan 19 january

international conference in hamburg 24 november has been the most important
event in europe in this year - after mass struggle of course - and a balance
of this event
will be made in the next important meeting - no public and only for
representatives of International commitee and for organisations that have
partecipate at International conference - and new extraordinary actions will
be launched for the next year
people's war in India is the most large people's war in the world and all
comunists and antimperialists parties,organisations must support
there is no a simple solidarity campaign, and it is not for 'indian
comrades' but it is a international and internationalist duty and task for
all, for supportin all  the proletaraian and oppressed peoples revolutions
in the world and for developping revolution in all countries - true
internationalism ! -
the meeting in italy 19 january serve these goals
it is important to inform us if someone wants to partecipe , for logistic

international commitee

 For a new phase of the International campaign to support people's war in
India (Meeting in Milan, Italy 19 January 2013)

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