Monday, January 14, 2013

india and international solidarity


The Indian ruling class in collaboration with American imperialism declared war on the indegenous masses of the resource rich forest lands and hilly tracks of India is killing innocent civilians every day. For the Indian and the American ruling class, the problem is as declared by the Indian Prime Minister - "Maoists are the biggest threat to the Indian Democracy"
The fact is the otherway round - The biggest threat to the people of India and to the real people's democracy in India is the Indian parliamentary ruling class, the comprodar corporations, the multi-national companies and the Imperialism headed by USA and supported by other ruling class in Europe.
The communist Party of India(Maoist) is leading the struggles of these indegenous people, resisting the grab of the internal and external corporations. Maoists are also protecting the indegenous people from the Indian military onslaught. These simple, nature loving  indegenous people now learnt how to resist and protect their land and resorces. They have also learnt to run their own local community affairs by themselves. The suppressed women of these communities are no more accepting this suppression and fighting against all sorts of atrocities. This is what is irritating the Prime Minster and the Corporates. So they roped in the CIA/MOSAD/Indian Special Intelligence and the CORPORATE MEDIA to write and propagating utterly nonsensical stories on MAOISTS.
This way the ruling classes wish to fill poision in the minds of the urban youth and weaken the support base and the spread of the maoist influence in these sections.
The implanting of the bomb story reflects the wretched and diabolic mind of the imperilaism and their lndian lackys.
It is the Indian paramilitary forces that are indulging in heinous crimes and merciless butchery on the poor indegenous masses and their supporters and those who are raising their voices against such butchery. The sold out media never talk about such atrocities.

--- On Sun, 1/13/13, Indien Solidaritet <> wrote:

From: Indien Solidaritet <>
Subject: [** MAOIST_REVOLUTION **] PROTEST! Most popular Swedish newspaper on "barbarism" in India
Date: Sunday, January 13, 2013, 6:02 AM

Please write a comment of protest on the incorrect reporting on the development in India:
Chief executive officer:

(Aftonbladet is the most popular newspaper in Sweden)

We who follow developments in India are worried by the Indian Government's extensive military campaigns targeting areas inhabited by indigenous people in India. The background is well known. Vast mineral deposits found in indigenous areas are handed over to domestic and foreign corporations.

A government institute in India calls this process the "biggest land grab after Columbus". But the indigenous people refuse to get displaced and the Indian government hopes that the military can solve the problem. With advice and guidance from American experts hundreds of thousands of troops are deployed in an extensive military campaign with massacres, rapes and burned villages in classic vietnam war style. Meanwhile, the authorities have suspended all fundamental rights in different parts of India, people's movement leaders is executed in "encounters", journalists imprisoned and killed and 10 000's of people are locked up without trial.

Aftonbladet surprises

Against this background, it is easy to be surprised when you read today's online edition of Aftonbladet. The journalist Oskar Forsberg tells us about the "barbarism" in India and refers to an Indian newspaper. A soldier is said to have a bomb placed in his stomach. True or not, the Indian military is daily presenting one horrible story after another about those inexplicable "evil" forces in India and the stories are often repeated in the Indian mainstream media. Forsberg quotes an Indian politician who demands that human rights groups should defend the soldiers, and he himself is on the same track. Thus, when India's poorest population is attacked in a military campaign with hundreds of thousands of soldiers who have the latest military equipment, drones and Swedish rocket launchers, a journalist in the capital, in one of the world's richest countries is complaining that the poor is "human rights violators".

Keystrokes in the Metropole

In vast areas, the indigenous people have joined the naxalite movement which is defending the right of the people to stay no matter what agreements the authorities have signed. Given the huge economic interests at stake, the war will continue. Large Swedish corporations have extensive interests in India and the Indian authorities are working around the clock for a "suitable" reporting. If their view of the situation is allowed to dominate, they will feel even more free to increase the intensity of the war. Keystrokes in the metropolises have consequences in India's forests.

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