Thursday, January 31, 2013

Greece - 36 trade union leaders of PAME were brutally attacked and arreste

Yesterday, Wednesday, February 30th, 36 trade union leaders of PAME, members of its Executive Secretariat and Presidents of trade unions were brutally attacked and arrested inside the Ministry of Employment.
The Greek government of “Law and Order” did hot hesitate to brutally attack against the dozens of representatives of trade unions (Presidents, Secretaries, etc) who demanded a meeting with the Minister of Employment, in order to protest for his provocative and antilabour statements on social security. Those who daily butcher workers’ rights, ordered the forces of riot police to attack against the workers.
If the government believes that with these attempts, they will terrorize PAME and the class trade union movement they will be proven wrong once again.
We reassure them, and their bosses, that their barbarity will only result to new, great storms of workers’ struggles. PAME calls all workers, all trade unions, from Greece and all over the world to massively condemn the governmental violence and oppression, to escalate and intensify their struggles.

Down with the Law and Order of the Capital
Law is what is right for the worker

PAME is now on continuous demonstrations and protests demanding the immediate release of the arrested.
PAME will issue statement very soon
Nikolas Theodorakis

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