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6 - Maoistroad Special Red Front Collective, speech International meeting May/Ju

Dear Comrades,

We want to warmly say thank you for the invitation to this important international conference, on the occacion of 50 years ,,movement of 68“ and especially we want to give a thank for the possibility to also make a speech as contribution to the conference. Firstly we want to thank the comrades from France who took up the initiative to organize this great event today. Our flaming red and internationalist salute to the International Communist Movement, especially to the communist Parties which lead and develope peoples war! Red and Internationalist Salute to all delegations and representatives which take part today and stand in struggle for taking up again or develop the historical mission of the international proletariat. We also sent flaming proletarian salutes from the communists and revolutionaries form Austria to you, which salute this meeting with their full hart. In tradition of the communists and partisans the country we are struggle in we want to salute you with an strong “Freedom!”

Workers of all countries and oppressed peope, unite!
The political power comens threw the barrel of the gun!

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and its international effects in Europe as part of the third big wave of World Proletarian Revolution.

Learn out of the historical praxis — Reconstitute and Constitute Communist Parties through people’s war!

We now live in an epoch, where imperialism is going towards its totally break down and Socialism is going towards its worldwide victory” (Mao Zedong, 9th party day of the CK of China,

Strugging, failing, once more struggling, again failing, again struggling and so on until victory -that’s the logic of the people, and the people will newer act against this logic. This is a low of Marxism.” (Mao Zedong, 1949)

The world is marching forward, the future is bright, and no-one can change this general tendency of history.” (Mao Zedong, 1945)

If we want a clear view over the so called “movment of 68”, we have to take the world situation at that time as base. The heroic victory of the international antifascist unity front (with the Sowjet Union on its top) in the second world war and the following victory of the Chinese Revolution against fascist Japanese Imperialism, lead to a new international situation. Ant-icolonial liberation struggles rose up in a level like never before, Peoples Republics were founded and with the victory of the Chinese revolution the socialist camp spread around mostly the half of the world population. The revolution arrives in a era where it builds the major tendency in the world, which holds the initiative in its hands, and the imperialists in contrary are forced to adapt its policy to the revolution, and lost the initiative in broad fields — which is manifested in the deepening of the general crisis of Imperialism.

Imperialism arrives at its last stage: The Chinese Communists unter the leadership of chairmen Mao Zedong difines this as ,, Epoch, where imperialismus is going towards its totally break down and Socialism is going towards its worldwide victory.“ This definition, which was accepted by the CP of China on its 9th party day in the year 1969, und greatly expresses the dialectic development of the contradictions, turns strongly against the revisionist, and within dogmatic and anti-Marxist “Breakdown Theory“, which assumes that Imperialism has a certain automatism which “anyway” will lead to its breakdown and with that it is negating, that only threw the front march of socialism, represented threw militarised and concentric build Communist Parties forged through protracted peoples war, imperialism could be sweeped away out of earth.

Social-imperialist Soviet Union, a product of counterrevolution in the earlier certer of world proletarian revolution have the be clearly be understood by all communists and revolutionaries as an answer of the bourgeoisie on the new epoch. The propetarian counterpath is, the deepening of the struggle for the political power in all of its aspect threw communists, the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China, initiated and led by chairmen Mao Zedong, builds the highes expression and the center of the new and third wave of world proletarian revolution. Maoism in its development, former called as ,,Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought“, is the Marxism of the new Epoch, which was and is still proved by the praxis of milliards of people.

The “Movement of 68” is a part of the third big wave of World Proletarian Revolution, with the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution as its axis and chairmen Mao Zeong as its helmsmen. Folllowing the law of uneven development of the revolution, we find its cleares politival and ideological expression in the storm centerns of the World Proletarian Revolution, the oppressed people and nations: Especially we want to highlight the Communist Party of India (marxist-leninist) with its chairmen Charu Mazumdar, which constituted after the great Naxalbari Uprising in 1967 and the Communist Party of Peru with its chairmen Gonzalo. The shining power of red China reached also deeple within the peoples struggles and movements araund the world, which in many cases took up strongly the principle ,,Its right to rebell“ and make it to their own one, like for example in Palestine of Afghanistan. Before all the Communists of Peru and India took up the important sturggle to hold high, defend and apply the universally valid teachings of chairmen Mao Zeodong on international level, following the way of proptracted peoples war and the reconstition of miliarised and concentric bouild Communist Parties.

In Europe the movement of 68 was firstly represented threw the most deepest and broadest masses of the proletariat: The workers, the women and the youth and as a second wave of the movement also the middleclasses, especially the students, joint this big storm. To go after a petty bourgeois and bourgeois writing of history, which try to falsify the movemnt of 68 in Europe as only a student movement, and to assume them the initiative of his movment, means to falsificate the nature of 68 to an ,,movment for the bourgeoisie“. We have to clearly see that the students as “class in between” could articulate its petty bourgeois rebellion supposingly ,,on thir own“, because the proletarian leadership, communist parties were missing on a broad scale. The old Communist Parties were corroded by revisionism and the new were in the forst step of formation. Waked up threw the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution the revolutionaries turned their view hopfully to China and took their inspirations from the big victories there and parts out of them intensified the struggle for the new creation of communist parties, whereby all of this forward looking belongigs inhered also the old roots of revisionism, which were never totaly destroyed.

This contradiction led parts of the revolutionary movement, wich fully hated and [abgelehnt] the old revisionism and reformism, but at the same time with serious faults concerning the understanding of the dialectical relation between avantgarde and masses as well as concerning the question of the Communist Party, to take up armed struggle. Here as well we have to see the uneven development of the armed struggle in the differnt countries of europe, in the imperialistic ones as well as in the oppressed countries, which was led in very differnet levels but showed an enormorous virity in its expression. Despite all faults and unclearness within this movement, it was an uprising wich put up the question of armed struggle in an practical way again and with that gave an important contribution for the question of the peoples war in impialist countries.

The movment of 68 in Austria had its strongest expression and also started with the students, which targeted in their rebellion especially the enormous conservativism as well as the continuation of Nazi-Fascism in Austria. The antirevisionist forces which stood in sympathy with the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and Charimen Mao Zedong and constituted in the MLPO were no directly product of the movement of 68, although it had an certain impact on its development, but were formed in the year of 1966. As one of the first parties in the world which made a broke with the old revisionist party as result of the struggle against Chrustschow revisionism, the MLPO developed a few important first steps. But also within them revisionist roots were inherent, which hinders them to strongly take up the crusual leaps which were done with the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution by deepening and further development of the way of chairmen Mao Zedong.

The lack of understanding towards the universal further development of Marxism-Leninism threw chairmen Mao Zedong leads themself in the swamp of revisionism, in which the swamp latestly in the end of the 70ies. They were not able to analyse the counterrevolution in China as an expression of class struggle in socialism, and not als defeat, like it was done by the modern revisionists.

Serious wrong assessments and different limitations lead to the point, that the MLPC in the uprising of 68 could not intervene as leading force in the struggle. Die absent communist leadership was in Austria the central Aspect, why this uprising could not immediatly lead to a strenghtening of the revolutionary forces und it tooks another decades to start putting the teachings of this great rebellion in service of the proletariat, for the reconstitution of the communist party in Austria.

The teachings of the movement of 68 dectats the communists the important task the ful to evaluate the rich experiances of the armed struggle in imperialist countries. Thy are decicive to concretisize the path of the peoples war as universal applicational military theory of the proletariat. The teachings of the movment of 68 lead to communists to always strive after developing from the avantgarde to the acknowledget avantgarde, which can lead also the struggle of the broad masses beside the proletariat und with that to develope the three strategic weapons vom small to big, the Party, the army and the unity front, with the party as its center.

Despite many limitations and subjective faults the revolutionary forces in the movement of 68 was an the biggest mass uprising in Europe as part of the third big wave of the world proletarian revolution, in which the base of the coming revolutionary and communist forces was created.
Maoism as third, highest and last step of proletarian ideology has got today to the foundation of the International Communist Movement. Following the strategic offensive of the world proletarian revolution, it is the tasks of the Communists to put Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism as command of the new wave of world proletarian revolution, to hold high, do defend and to apply -to constitute and reconstitute communist parties, militarized and concentrically though peoples war. The different varieties of modern revisionism, which want to build up the party in “another way” and to stubborn keep in this way gos back even after the historical teachings of the movement of 68. Als the question of peoples war to handla as a question ,,of the futurre“ to practice economism at the same time goes back as well after the historical teaching of the movement of 68, which put up the question of armed struggle in the imperialist countries on the agenda. T0 take up the international significanve of the 68 strongly, gives the communists the clear task to unite through the two lines struggle under the universal proletarian ideology: Marxism-Leninsm-Maoism and to give our whole live for putting Maoism as command of the new wave of proletarian world revolution!

Unite under Maoism!
Take up the teachings of 68 — create proletarian leadership, forge the communist parties!
Long live the wold proletarian revolution!

Red Front Collective,

June, 2018

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