Saturday, November 23, 2019

news from Syria-Rojava


Operation by IFB; 9 gangs members killed
The fighters of the International Freedom Battalion announced that at least 9 Daesh leftovers supported by Turkish state were killed in an operation on the night of November 17th.
 In a statement titled "we will lead them to victory". A joint operation by Imran storm unit affilieted to IFB (International Freedom Battalion) and DSF (Democratic Syrian Forces) took place against the the Turkish state supported gangs in response to the attacks on Til Emir on November 6th where IFB fighters Aynur Ada and Imran Firtina comrades were killed. The operation took place on November 17th in which 9 gangs were killed. No losses were made on our side.
We keep our promise to our immortals by not giving passage to the invading gangs. Their struggle is our slogan of victory over invasion. NO PASARAN! NO GATEWAY!”
“we are at the positions they have fallen"
On November 17, a move was made by the fighters of the DSF and the International Freedom Battalion against the occupied gangs of the Turkish state. TKP-ML TİKKO fighter Alişer, who participated in this operation said
Together with the DSF forces and a unit affiliated to the International Freedom Battalion, we conducted an operation on a strategic hill. We carried out the operation for the falen IFB fighters, which we ran from one front to another shoulder to shoulder and hit a heavy blow to the enemy.
"In the evening we made the move, we intervened in the region through three arms. FIrst two arms we attack AT 4, Lava, Bisving, etc. to destroy heavy weapons in one arm. We took action against the reconnaissance flights of the Turkish state and opened fire on the points we determined simultaneously. We gave the enemy that we had three positions without giving up the superiority of fire in the operation and after the first 15 minutes we reached the first line and then proceeded in the form of intense defense and attack. Acting in accordance with all our planning, we reached the most important position of the enemy in a short time and the hill fell. However, with the fall of the enemy hill as a reinforcing force has activated SİHAs (Armed drones). We have had to withdraw when Turkish SIHAs and gangs started shooting at our positions. Except for a comrade who was injured, we retreated from the area without loss."
TKP-ML TIKKO fighter Alişer attributed this operation to the fallen IFB fighter after the promise he made to never to leave the positions of his fallen comrades. "We shall not stop until we fulfilled our promises. We shall continue operations and attacks on the enemy until we give our comrades the victory. We are at the positions where they have fallen."

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