Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Italy - In November 25th, Acts of the theoretical Seminar of the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement

In November 25th, great diffusion in the national demonstration and in every initiative of the Quaderno containing the important Acts of the theoretical Seminar of the revolutionary proletarian feminist Italy Movement.

Summary of topics covered.

- The need for theoretical work. Women are the most interested in the revolutionary theory

- Trends in the feminist movement in Italy, today - "Nonunadimeno"

- Notes on transfeminism

- On production and reproduction. 
Radical feminism or Marxism?

- The role of the family for the Capitalist system

- The reality of migrants, from ghettos to factories

- Theoretical and practical battle of women workers in trade unions - an experience

- On patriarchy and patriarchalism

- The struggle on the condition of political prisoners and struggles in prisons

- Contribution of a comrade artist

- Conclusions - points for a proletarian revolutionary feminist movement

- Various discussions

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