Thursday, November 28, 2019

for debate - The communist movement has to undertake the road of Yu Kung - PCm -Italy


While announcing worldwide that it was already out of the crisis and the recovery is seen, with the explosion of the Chinese bubble, imperialism falls again into the black hole. China, the largest reserve for the new phase of development of the imperialist world system, becomes a potentially devastating mine, like a rolling boulder, like a spreading fire.

The imperialist crisis had lit several hotbeds of war around the world, within the dispute for oil and raw materials, now these outbreaks extend and sharpen worldwide.
The war, as a new world war of re-division appears on the horizon or, as someone says, is already underway.
Crisis and war come back home and bring with them the need of reactionary dictatorship in the form that each imperialist country has in its own DNA.
Raising the war on immigration and terrorism as a banner to unite the bourgeoisie, its allies and sectors of the people and to divide the people.
Dictatorship, crisis, war go through a new phase, that is not the old one, it is not as before.
The crisis / recovery cycles are not as before, crises are more and more large, long and severe (to say so: the first crisis impoverishes you, the second turns off the light at home ... 
But crisis, war and reaction feed the resistance and rebellion of the peoples oppressed by imperialism and the proletariat within the imperialist countries.
Nowhere in the world there is improvement in the conditions of life and work, peace and democracy, and so nowhere in the world the masses accept to live in poverty, under the bombs and the iron heel of armies and dictatorships.
We will exit the crisis either with the imperialist war or with the proletarian, people’s, socialist revolutions.
"The imperialist war can be stopped only if the people’s war advances!"
The hill of proletariat and peoples, experiencing struggles, rebellions and storms, whose strategic reference point are the people's wars, animates the revolution as main trend. But this does not mean at all that things are going well and the triumph of the revolution is around the corner. Most countries lack the leadership of genuine communist parties and, therefore, lack a united front and a people's army.
Lacking this leadership, the oppressed masses, rebel and desperate, fall in the hands and horizon of feudal and reactionary forces that criticize imperialism from the point of view of the past, giving the struggles of the masses a prospect that is not a light but a still worse da
Again, before the conscience of the masses are two mountains: imperialism and its reformist illusions, fascism, feudalism and its chains of darkness.
The wrong leadership of the masses calls the communists to reformulate their action.

Il communist movement can and must undertake the road of Yu Kung to wipe out these two mountains
The example of Yu Kung rejects any triumphalistic, optimistic assessment. The masses are now in front of two mountains.
Yu Kung is the times of the revolution, climbing the two mountains; climbing means to beat them on the field. This must inspire the action of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communists.

PCm Italy is saying new things both at internal and international level. The theory of the compact group; the theory of the two struggles: defeat the internal enemy to defeat the external enemy, and vice versa ...
We should not consider the masses "good", as if waiting fir a leadership; they were waiting, now a leadership has come. We cannot pretend it is not so.
Behind the view of the "revolution around the corner" there are no MLM views.
The shining path of revolution and liberation from all oppressions calls the communists to unite as a compact group in each country and worldwide; to unite as a revolutionary army guided by the powerful ideology of proletariat, the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism applied to the actual reality of each country, but also masterfully applied internationally to construct the international organization of communists.

PCm -Italy

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