Saturday, July 30, 2022

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Dear Comrades,

We know it’s been some time since we released new books in English, as we’ve been working hard on developing our different language sections. Thank you for your patience! We’re happy to add two important books to our Foundations Collection:

Woman and Socialism by August Bebel was a foundational text for Engels when he wrote Origin of the Family, arguably history’s proletarian feminist book. After reading Engels’ Origin, Bebel reconsidered some of his positions and analysis, eventually revising his text in a new edition. Their work and the progression of it is a worthy example of the importance of scientific, undogmatic approaches to philosophy and theory.

The German Ideology by Marx and Engels is a collection of manuscripts dealing with the materialist conception of history through a criticism of German idealist and metaphysical materialist philosophy from the 1830s and 40s. The document was first published in the Soviet Union during the 1930s and has since been considered one of Marx and Engels’ great classics.
Since our last newsletter, we’ve opened a new section in Catalan with three titles (Five Essays on Philosophy, ARAK and the National Question), as well as publish Strategy for the Liberation of Palestine—in Swedish! The titles in our German and French sections also continue to grow with the addition of Philosophical Trends in the Feminist Movement and Critique of Maoist Reason (German), and State and Revolution and the Path to Revolution (French).

This July we managed to release a total of 10 (!) new books with the help of over a dozen comrades all over the world. This growing team of multilingual comrades is making the Foreign Languages part of FLP become a reality. We continue to be amazed and heartened by the ongoing support we receive from everyone who works to assist this small press is spreading these relevant, insightful works.

Onward in struggle,

Foreign Languages Press


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