Friday, July 8, 2022

Turkey - Termokar Workers' Resistance Prevail with International Solidarity!

Termokar Workers' Resistance Prevail with International Solidarity!

In Turkey, the attacks on the right of workers and labourers to organise continue with increasing intensity every day. Trade union organisation, which is inherent in the organising struggle of workers to obtain their personal rights, is an international right. The dismissal or other punishment of workers who exercise this right and organise in unions is a crime under international labour law and a violation of human rights.

In Turkey, the right of workers and labourers in companies to organise has been obstructed in various ways at all times. The struggle of workers and labourers for their rights against this has continued throughout history. At present, there are resistances in hundreds of companies in Turkey. Many of these resistances have been going on for a long time. Likewise, most of the resistances have resulted in achievements.

Currently in Manisa; workers working in the company Termokar, which produces heating, cooling and air conditioning systems, are being tried to be punished by dismissal. Termokar workers have been facing pressure from the employer for 4 years for exercising their right to unionise, which the international working class won as a result of great struggles.

The struggle of Termokar workers to organise in Birleşik Metal-İş (United Metalworkers' Union) 4 years ago has been continuously tried to be regressed by the employer with unlawful and arbitrary pressure. During this period, the employer dismissed approximately 150 workers using the pandemic as an excuse. Finally, 4 workers who were leading the union organisation were dismissed without notice and severance pay. The dismissed workers have been resisting by setting up a tent in front of the factory since 30 June.

Termokar markets its heating, cooling and air conditioning systems to many countries. It is also the supplier of many companies in countries such as Germany, Greece, France, Italy, Sweden, Sweden, England, Poland, Ukraine and Czechia. It is especially important that the trade unions in these countries embrace the resistance of Termokar workers in Turkey and offer international solidarity. We call on the unions in these countries to fulfil this duty urgently.

The workers of Termokar, organised in the United Metalworkers' Union, are continuing their struggle despite all the pressures of the employer. But the success of this struggle is also possible with international solidarity. As ATIK (Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe), we call for developing international solidarity for the successful outcome of the resistance of Termokar workers. We call on all trade unions to solidarity until the unlawful practices at Termokar are put an end and the workers' right to unionisation is recognised. The victory of our worker sisters and brothers who are resisting in Termokar, will be the victory of the whole working class.

Termokar Workers Are Not Alone!

Long Live the Struggle for Organization of Termokar Workers!

Long Live International Solidarity!

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