Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Italy - Dossier "Women against the imperialist war" published

Publication with the clear political position of women, proletarians and revolutionaries on the war in Ukraine and the "internal war" of capitalists and the Italian imperialist government; with important interventions by the workers in struggle.

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MFPR - Italy

Reports by Mfpr and Carla Filosa (philosopher marxista)

° on the character of this war in Ukraine

° the particular economic, political, ideological attack on women

° the battle of women in the theater of war and national


- The link between imperialist war and "internal war" 

° Interventions of women workers and various women labourers

The struggle of the Beretta women workers (Trezzo/MI) - inside the important interview

From the women workers of Pellegrini/Acciaierie d'Italia

A victory for the women workers of the kindergartens of Taranto

From the women workers of Montello (BG)

From Indian women workers in salad factories

Testimony of the women workers of the Post Office

The battle of the precarious social coops of Palermo

From school women workers


° From the countryside and ghettos of women immigrants - from Campagne in lotta

° The No Muos battle today more than ever


- The international bond of women 

° For the release of women political prisoners - India

° With women in the USA – let’s defend the right to abortion


- Revolutionary formation of women

° For a critique of Silvia Federici's anti-Marxist positions

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