Sunday, July 17, 2016

Turkey North Kurdistan... Imperialism ....People's War..International Maoists

Imperialism and all reactionaries are paper tigers!.. 

by May Day Joint Declaration 2016

....Hence, regarding the struggle of the Kurdish people against the domination of the Turkish State and Middle Eastern countries, we reaffirm that only the New Democratic Revolution, lead all around by Marxist-Leninist-Maoists Parties can achieve the liberation of their people and ensure the national minorities their unrenounceable right to self-determination – even their right to complete separation....

....The countries oppressed by imperialism are the storm centres and base of the world revolution. In India, the Philippines, Turkey and Peru, the masses and the peasants, the main force of the New Democratic Revolution, rise up through Agrarian Revolution defend their lands, defeat the displacement plans from the countryside carried out by bureaucratic capitalism engendered by imperialism....

...More than ever the urgent task of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist movement is to fight the current state of dispersion in the International Communist Movement, struggling for a Unified International Conference of Parties and Organizations that are Marxist-Leninist-Maoist. Pursuing this task will serve to establish, through the line struggle, new levels of coordination between Maoist forces around the world that will trigger new Peoples War's and enhance the anti-imperialist movement under the hegemony of the revolutionary proletariat. ....

List of signatories 
  1. Collective of Iranian Maoists
  2. Committee Building the Maoist Communist Party, Galicia, Spanish state
  3. Committees for the Founding of the (Maoist) Communist Party, Austria
  4. Communist Nucleus Nepal
  5. Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan
  6. Communist Movement of Serbia
  7. Communist Party of Brazil Red Fraction – CPB (RF)
  8. Communist Party of Ecuador Red Sun – CPE (RS)
  9. Communist Party of India (Maoist)*
  10. Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist – TKP/M-L*
  11. Democracy and Class Struggle, British State
  12. Klassenstandpunkt, Class Position, Germany
  13. Great Unrest WSRM , Wales, British State
  14. Maoist Communist Group USA
  15. Maoist Communist Movement Tunisia
  16. Maoist Communist Party – France
  17. Maoist Communist Party Italy-
  18. Maoist Communist Party Manipur
  19. Maoist Group Shouresh – Iran (MGS)  (*)
  20. Maoist Organization for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Colombia
  21. Maoist Revolutionary League - Sri Lanka
  22. Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Party Construction Committee (Germany) – MLM-PAK
  23. Network of communist Blogs
  24. Peru People’s Movement (Committee for Reorganizing)
  25. Red Fraction of Communist Party of Chile 
  26. Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada)
  27. Revolutionary People's Front of Bolivia MLM
  28. Serve the People - Communist League of Norway
  29. Servir le Peuple - Sheisau Sorelh - Occitany - French state
  30. Workers Voice – Malaysia

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