Tuesday, August 27, 2019


On the morning of 19th August, Turkey woke up to the administrative takeover of elected local councils. In the early hours of the morning, accompanied by the security forces, the fascist Turkish state raided and usurped councils in Diyarbakir, Van and Mardin. HDP (People’s Democratic Party Diyarbakir City Council co-chair, Selçuk Mızraklı, Mardin City Council co-chair, Ahmet Türk, Van City Council co-chair, Bedia Özgökçe Ertan were arrested and removed from office and replaced with caretaker administrators appointed by the governors. The arrests and removal from office of mayors, party executives and co-chairs elected through the free will of the Kurdish people and the replacement of those removed from office by the administrators is a ploy of the fascist Turkish Republic and its current representative the fascist AKP government to bring the people to their knees. The taking into custody of hundreds of people and the breaking down of doors and searching of council buildings by the police is the usurpation of the free will of the people by the government.

The suppression, arrests and usurpation of the councils by the fascist AKP government that follows their total loses in city councils during the 31st March local elections, and their complete defeat in the follow up election on 23rd June in Istanbul are a direct indication of Turkish type fascism.
The free will of the people cannot be stopped!
The years of murder, extra judicial executions, people going missing during custody and torture in Turkish Kurdistan has not prevented the rightful and legitimate struggle of the Kurdish people. On the contrary, it has intensified their struggles. Presently the councils in the area are run with the overwhelming majority vote of the people. Despite the provocations of the fascist Turkish Republic, in the March 31st elections, the people once again voted with their own free will.
Those in power, cannot swallow the successes, during the elections, of the HDP, the party supported by the democratic forces in Turkey and is the main reason behind this specific move to obstruct the response of the democratic forces against the occupation and suppression that has been carried out during this time by the fascist state that also harbours plans to extend this occupation to the Syrian Kurdistan. Along with support from international imperialist powers, the fascist Turkish Republic placed thousands of soldiers at the borders in order to carry out the occupation. With the heavy weaponry that it has acquired from the imperialist powers, and has placed at the border, the Turkish government is ready to invade. The recent move for administrative takeover of local councils is an attempt to supress the struggle and the opposition of the people against this invasion.
As the ATIK (Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe), we condemn the administrative takeover and the suppression of the city councils of Diyarbakir, Van and Mardin by the fascist Turkish State and we wish to extend our support to the co-chairs of the council. We call upon all democratic forces, workers and labourers to stand up against these attacks and support the co-chairs of the councils.
We condemn the removal from office of the co-chairs of council in Diyarbakir, Van ve Mardin.!
The rightful will of the people cannot be obstructed!

Down with Fascism, Long Live the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the People!

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