Saturday, August 10, 2019

info - Revolutionary Voices, A New USA Podcast


A new US-based podcast is emerging which will focus on revolutionary theory, practice, and history.
The first several episodes will contain interviews with Marxist-Leninist-Maoists from many nations in Western Europe. The podcast will, for obviously reasons, also include interviews from revolutionary organizers from within the US. The goal will focus on internationalism but also aims to add value to the conversation of revolutionary communism.
The podcast will also publish study circles with the goal of inspiring listeners to organize their own political study circles. Any communist organizer understands the importance of reading literature with comrades in order to further our political development. The more experienced comrades always have a duty to guide the less-experienced comrades. The first study circle will be based on JMP’s book, “Continuity & Rupture”, which will feature comrades from both the US and across Western Europe.
A Return to Revolutionary Communism
This podcast wants a return to the theory and practice of revolutionary communism. The ideology of the bourgeoisie which plagues us all, especially in imperialist nations, must be opposed in every measure possible. This podcast aims to provide an outlet in which we hear directly from revolutionary communists, learn from their struggles, and eventually benefit the global struggle for us all.
There are many positive developments within the international community of revolutionary communists, but it can sometimes be difficult to understand these struggles. The podcast strives to bridge the gap between struggles by collecting interviews directly from the organizers in those struggles.. Listening to a comrades’ voice can sometimes be more influential and educational than reading articles.
Where to Find the Podcast?
The show, Revolutionary Voices Podcast, can be found on Soundcloud, iTunes, Google Play Music, and Stitcher for now. Supporters can follow the podcast at @Rev_Voices. The best way to support the show is to like the podcast, leave positive reviews on podcast platforms, and to share it with your comrades.
If you want to contact the content producers, email them at:  

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