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Communist Party of Swaziland Statement, 10 January 2022 - maoistroad info

On Saturday 8 January 2022, Mswati, yet again, reaffirmed his anti-dialogue stance, threatening to continue his brutality against all those calling for democracy in Swaziland.

Mswati went on to spew more insults against the masses of our country who are calling for democracy, calling them timphaka (imps) and tipoko (ghosts), while commanding his regiments to crush down all forms of dissent wherever it shows itself in the communities. He reiterated his July 2021 narcissistic claim that everything in Swaziland belongs solely to him.

These recent insults were at the back of last year’s insults where he called the people “drunkards” and “high on dagga”.

The tyrant went on to issue threats to those activists whom he claimed were known to him and his cronies, that a witch-hunt would soon be out to find and punish them for calling for democracy.

The Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS) reminds the oppressed people of Swaziland that the Mswati autocracy will not go down without a fight, by mere well-meaning dialogue.

Mswati has time and again proved that not only is he opposed to dialogue about the future of the country, but he is also committed to spill more blood to cling to power.

The CPS thus reiterates its firmly held stance that there must be no dialogue with the monarch, particularly under these conditions when the tyrant has repeatedly demonstrated that he will brutalise all those calling for change.

The most immediate task of the democratic forces at this point is to organise the masses, not for a dialogue, but for total revolution, for a total takeover of power which must be placed at the hands of the people.

As the CPS, we remain convinced that the dictator will never concede power unless forced to, using all available forms of struggle to overthrow the system.

The CPS thus condemns those seeking to pacify the people by urging them to go and “dialogue” with Mswati in the dictator’s compound. These groups aim to weaken the masses’ resolve for the total removal of the institution of the monarch, hoodwink them into getting their necks into Mswati’s guillotine and prolong their oppression.

Mswati continues to rule with an iron fist in Swaziland, as Africa’s last absolute monarch. Political parties remain banned since April 1973.

Since the massacre of 29 June 2021, Mswati has killed about 100 democracy activists, injured hundreds, and arrested about 700, many of whom were held without charge and viciously assaulted in police cells. Justice for all these and previous victims of the regime will only be ascertainable under a democratic republic.

As such, the fight that the masses must wage demands deeper commitment, discipline and sacrifice. There must thus be no middle road regarding the Swazi people’s struggle for freedom.

Turn up the heat for Democracy Now!

Forward to socialism in our lifetime!

Issued by the Communis Party of Swaziland

mhlojobe1January 11, 2022


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