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Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Dear comrades, supporters of the People's War in India,

On behalf of the Austrian Committee in Support of the People's War in India, I have the honor to bring firm red greetings of class solidarity and proletarian internationalism. Our greetings today are especially towards the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the PLGA, the People's Revolutionary Committees and the struggling masses of India. The People's War in India is not only the revolutionary pole that unites the struggling masses of India, it is also a beacon for the oppressed and exploited worldwide to defeat imperialism and build the new power of the workers and the people. I also convey to all revolutionary and antiimperialist forces present today a powerful: LAL SALAAM!

At the beginning I would like hold high the martyrs who paved the way of the new democratic revolution in India with their blood. Representative of thousands of heroes of the people who gave their lives in the struggle against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism are the three members of the Central Committee of the CPI(Maoist), Comrade Chintanda, Comrade Milind Teltumbde, and Comrade Haribushnan, who died in the recent period. Long live the fallen heroes – Glory to the revolution!

At the present moment, we are witnessing the deepening of the general crisis of capitalism. The revolutionaries and antiimperialists are in a situation where an old period is coming to an end and a new situation is developing. A situation that we can characterize by the fact that a real explosion of struggles of the workers and the masses is taking place, especially in the oppressed countries, but also in the imperialist countries. Let's think about the repeated biggest strike in the history of humankind in India last year, or the all-national peasant movement and its worldwide resonance, which even in Austria led to gatherings of hundreds of Indian workers of the diaspora. In this situation, where the revolutionaries find brilliant conditions, it is necessary to strengthen the bond of international solidarity and to make it a weapon in the struggle for the elevation of class consciousness, of internationalism, which, as we know, is the "spirit of communism " (Chairman Mao Zedong). The important leader of the proletarian revolution in India, Charu Mazumdar, teaches in this regard: "It is a great international responsibility to make revolution in our country!” As the most advanced struggles, the people's wars in Peru, India, Turkey and the Philippines are of special importance for the world proletarian revolution; and their support therefore a special task of the revolutionary and antiimperialist forces!

The general crisis is expressed in India, a semi-feudal and semi-colonial people’s dungeon, in an accelerated crisis of bureaucratic capitalism. The more the crisis of the old Indian state develops and the more the oppressed and exploited fall away from it, the more the ruling classes of India ingratiate themselves with their imperialist masters. US-imperialism in particular, but also the EU imperialists, are propping up and promoting the Hindu fascist ruling class in India in order to intensify the exploitation of resources, land and labor force, to suppress the mass struggles of the people and to attack their biggest opponent, the people's war. But the imperialists' plans are doomed to failure! The genocidal and counter-revolutionary Operation Green Hunt suffered a defeat and the People's War led by the CPI(Maoist) could take even deeper roots among the masses and the revolutionary front of the people could be expanded. The new desperate attempt to maintain the old rotten order of exploitation and oppression is another counterrevolutionary campaign: Prahaar - 3. The struggle against Prahaar is to be understood as an extremely important part of the worldwide struggle between revolution and counterrevolution, and thus also a weighty component of the International Solidarity with the People's War in India. "The campaign to end the Operation Green Hunt and the solidarity movement in support of the peoples's war in India complement each other", wrote the Central Committee of the CPI(Maoist) in its letter to the Conference in Support of the People's War in India in 2012. We think this orientation is still valid today, and shows that the struggle against Prahaar – 3 goes hand in hand with the defense of the peoples war and the Communist Party who leads it. So the campaign for the defense of the peoples war in India is also a campaign for the defense of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, as the guide of the Proletarian World Revolution.

Internationally, there were numerous organizations and parties that responded to the call of the CPI(Maoist) for an international day of action on November 24. In five continents, more than a hundred actions of class solidarity and internationalism took place, an important signal of spreading solidarity with the People's War in India. The Austrian Committee in Support of the People's War in India took a powerful part in this day of action. Workers spread the reactionary plans of the rulers in India in the factories and industrial centers, activists of the women's movement organized actions of solidarity and other banner actions and discussion events were held. On the occasion of the year-long campaign on 20 years of PLGA, which ended in December last year, the important role of PLGA in the people's war in India was spread among the masses under the slogan "20 years of the people's army".

The international day of action was an important signal and we think it is the task of all revolutionary and antiimperialist forces to strengthen the international support for the People's War in India and to consolidate it on the basis of a common evaluation. The present moment in the class struggle does not only bring many and also new tasks, it also contains new potential to strengthen and spread the forces. This is proven to us, for example, by those forces that have newly joined the campaign in support of the People's War in India in recent years or those forces that have been able to deepen and spread the scope of activities. We believe that the ICSPWI should not only improve its coordination, but also increase its political activity and also promote the theoretical debate. The Austrian Committee in Support of the People's War in India therefore proposes to hold a joint international day of action in March for the release of all political prisoners in India, with special emphasis on Prof. Saibaba and Varavara Rao. This day of action should be a prelude to a week of action in support of the people's war in India and the condemnation of the counter-revolutionary campaign Prahaar – 3. To strengthen and consolidate the work of the International Committee, this also requires a common international coordination of the forces joined the international day of action on the 24th of November, a common call, agitation material, like a common call and poster.


Let us take advantage of the new situation in which the class struggle and the world proletarian revolution is developing! Let us develop the common support of the peoples war in India as an strong tool to raise the struggle against imperialism, revisionism and all reaction. The light of the peoples wars in the world shines on the oppressed an exploited and raises the will hand hope of the working class and masses towards liberation all over the world. A world in which imperialism approaches its final defeat and socialism its worldwide victory!

Long live the People's War in India!

Long live the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the PLGA and the revolutionary People's Committees!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Down with imperialism! Long live the Proletarian World Revolution!

Committee in Support of the People's War in India, Austria

January 2022



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