Tuesday, February 22, 2022

from France to meeting ICSPWI - 29/30 january

 'Dear comrades,

We would like to thank our maoist comrades of Italy for organizing this meeting and welcoming us.

We would like to salute all revolutionary martyrs of India who gave their life for the liberation of indian masses especially the three comrades of the central committee who died recently

Lal salaam to all martyrs of the Peoples War in India.

The heroic struggle of the indian people led by our maoist comrades of the PCI Maoist is an immense inspiration for all revolutionaries of the world.

The courageous fight against the genocidal campaigns of the fascist government of Modi is an exemplary light that illuminates the road to world revolution.

The accumulation of experience of our comrades all over the world is an invaluable richness that should feed our struggle.

We share the idea that international support does not come only in words but in actions.

Our party has always worked to support the international solidarity campaign for the Peoples War in India, This began when our comrade Pierre was still alive and working on the campaign Inde Rouge.

During the recent sanitary crisis and the weakening of our relations with the international committee we have continued working to support with solidarity the People’s War in India.

We wish to work further and more closely with you comrades for this most important campaign.

We are confident that our biggest and most important internationalist task is to combat and destroy French imperialism as well as all other imperialisms. For this we must reconstitute a communist party in the French state. We need to build the People’s War in our country.

Long live the People’s War in India, Down with imperialism, Down with the fascist Modi state, Long live MLM, Viva Marx Viva Lenin Viva Mao Zedong.'

La cause du peuple

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