Saturday, February 12, 2022

letter to Meeting ICSPWI 29/30 January make success the campaign 'release all political prisoners including BK 15' from Indian jails! ..PCI(Maoist)

Dear Comrades and friends, Red salutes

First receive my heartfelt revolutionary greetings and thanks to all of you on behalf of our cc. It is our duty bound task to make success the campaign 'release all political prisoners including BK 15' from Indian jails.
In 2005, the Indian government has declared that the 'left wing extremism' is a single largest threat to the country's internal security. Since onwards year by year they are following severe suppression and repression methods against our party. They are even not respecting their constitution and citizen's fundamental rights which were promised by it. Present Hindutva ruling clique has aggressively unleashed the repressive measures against the revolutionaries especially Indian Maoists and the toiling masses those are struggling against the state under CPI (Maoist) to solve their basic problems. The present Modi, Sha, Bhagavat hindutva reactionary clique is working more consciously with class hatred ness to clear and eliminate all the protesting voices in various forms. The well-known pro people social and political activists, lawyers, journalists, professors, intellectuals and students men and women were implicated in so many false cases under the draconian laws such as UAPA, Sedition etc. In my mother land various nationalities are demanding their self-determination right including secession. But the Indian ruling classes and their imperialist bosses are dead against to their demand and they want to build strong center with their brutal army. Where there is the army deployed against the nationality people's struggles it has given extraordinary powers with Armed Forces Special Powers Act. The people are bitterly opposing the Indian Army's mindless violence on the people. The 'Iron Lady' Iroma Sharmila sat 16 years on hunger strike against that act and demanded to repeal it. But the anti-people's government did not care it and continuing its brutal violence on people. At present a strong mass movement is going on against the AFSPA in the northern region.
Now hundreds of comrades are languishing in the fascist Indian dungeons. Thousands of struggling masses are behind the bars in various parts of our country. So, let us cry to release unconditionally all the political prisoners including struggling masses. Let us build a strong international movement to release all the political prisoners those who are throughout the world prisons. So many comrades including our party's cadre like Sudeep Chongdar, West Bengal State unit secretary lost their lives in the jail's inhuman conditions. In the present Corona pandemic conditions also no one comrade even senior citizens and those who are suffering with so many ailments were not sanctioned the bail. Consequently, octogenarian like Father Stan Samy lost his life in jail. The judicial system which is a part of the State machinery is left its written ethics and blindly supporting the public prosecutor's allegations and giving the judgments. In most of the cases the people who are getting the bails from the courts and releasing from their imprisonment the police are re arresting them on the jail gates only. I am enclosing here with a list of our beloved comrades including revolutionary mass organizations leaders and workers and all other well-wishers of Indian new democratic revolution those who are in various jails of the country. Since last three, four years urban Maoist has become a synonym to all the well-wishers of the Revolution and who condemns the reactionary Hindutva state policies and its' anti-people activities.....


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