Wednesday, February 16, 2022

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Long Live the People's War in India!

Down with genocidal Hindutva Fascism!

The People's War in India led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) is the advanced edge of the international struggle against the rotten capitalist-imperialist system. This is the struggle of workers, peasants, and other toiling masses to overthrow a parasitic and obsolete bourgeois comprador dictatorship in India and establish a new democratic and socialist society. The center of gravity of this struggle is the revolutionary base areas where the wretched of the earth hoists the red flag and holds out against a technologically superior machine of violence led by a fascist Party, in all senses of the word. The reactionary and imperialist powers aid Modi’s fascism and the reactionary machine of violence against the People's War.

The People's War in India has not only instilled revolutionary enthusiasm among the masses in India, but it has heartened the downtrodden masses, proletarians, and communists around the world. The fear of the ruling reactionaries in India and their imperialist patrons of the People's War in India is precisely because this war has revived the revolutionary enthusiasm. Many international proletariats and the revolutionary masses worldwide consider the People's War in India as the war of their class and stand by it.

Hence, the reactionary classes in India and their imperialist and reactionary allies are trying in various ways to suppress the People's War. The Indian state's armed thugs display their anti-people and reactionary essence in their criminal use of violence against the masses supporting the People's War and supporters and members of the Communist Party of India (Maoist). This state is arbitrarily detaining and imprisoning dissidents and intellectuals who question its violence and massive human rights violations.

But the People's War in India is advancing against all odds; it is the internationalist duty of all communists, revolutionaries, workers, and progressive forces to support the just war of the revolutionary masses in India. Proletarians are an international class, and internationalism is a fundamental communist principle. Revolutionary communists should mobilize all their strength to extend solidarity and support to the People's War in India.

The growing international campaign in solidarity with the People's War in India is a testament to the internationalist commitment of true communists and revolutionaries. Yet, it is far from enough; the international proletariat must draw practical plans to intensify and expand the solidarity campaign with the People's War in India.

To struggle to form an international communist (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) organization is the internationalist responsibility of all Maoist forces. The existence of an international Maoist center will better serve the international proletarian struggle, including campaigns and struggles like the solidarity movement with the People's War in India. The international communist Maoist parties and organizations should intensify their efforts to form a new international communist (Maoist) organization and struggle and rectify shortcomings that have prevented us from making significant progress in this direction.

We strongly believe that no force can turn the tide of the advance of revolution and destroy the People's War in India if revolutionaries are grasping and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. We fully support and stand by the People's War in India and call on all revolutionaries, communists, progressive and democratic forces to leave no stone unturned in their efforts to extend solidarity and support to the People's War in India.

The current Indian state is a parasitic, oppressive machine of violence. With the Hindutva right-wing nationalists at its helm, it is fast-moving on the path of establishing a genocidal fascism regime. The victory of the people's war and the success of the new democratic revolution and advance towards socialism will prevent a significant part of humanity from marching towards disaster with world-historic consequences. We are determined to intensify our solidarity with the revolutionary struggle and people's war in India.

Long Live People's War in India!

Long Live Communist Party of India (Maoist)!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

29 January 2022

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