Monday, February 21, 2022

To the International Campaign Support People's War in India from CC/CP on Nepal


25 January 2022

To the International Campaign Support People's War in India

Dear comrades,

We came to know that you are initiating a campaign to support the Armed Resistance led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) against the reactionary state of India. This is very important step in building solidarity for the people's war as well as building up worldwide public opinion in favor the revolutionary movement in India. Our Party, not only fighting for Scientific Socialism in Nepal but also being an internationalist party fighting to support the same kind of war and people's struggle to establish socialism and communism, not only thanks the revolutionary parties, organizations and individual revolutionaries for the campaign, we also have ideological, political and social solidarity to our comrades who have been fighting a fierce struggle to over through the comprador bourgeoisie capitalist state of India and attain a complete liberation of Indian people by accomplishing New Democratic Revolution and Scientific Socialism.

Indian people have been reeling under the operation of domestic feudalism and foreign imperialism. Communist Party of India (Maoist) has correctly and carefully been leading the people, organizing a relentless and uncompromising war against the reactionary state for a complete liberation. For this reason, alike the other party's governments, the BJP led Hindu fascist regime of Modi has been brutally suppressing the Indian people who want real peace, stability and freedom. Our party once again condemns this brutality, demands release of all comrades in prisons, and extends support to their epoch making struggle as well as extends our solidarity to the ICSPWI for the campaign.

With revolutionary regards


International Department

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