Wednesday, February 16, 2022

from Tunisia for ICSPWI meeting - ICSPWI info


Dear comrades, on behalf of the Tunisian comrades of the Elkadehines (the party of the most oppressed workers) Party who join and participate in the CSGPI-T, I greet the organizers and all the participating comrades

Our local committee has been active for the past 6 years, although over the past few years activity has decreased significantly also due to the pandemic.

The international campaign launched last October by the Support Committees of Italy and Galicia and directly supported by the CPI(M) was an opportunity to resume this activity and also to make our contribution to the international campaign itself. in the world and in particular in the Arab world.

As a resumption of the work of our committee, we distributed propaganda posters with the slogans of the international campaign and drafted a statement disseminated to certain masses in struggle in the rural region of across the country and to students and university professors.

We believe that the 24th of November Internationalist Solidarity Day in support of the PW in India, the CPI(M) and against the repressive and genocidal campaign of Prahar 3 was a historic day: indeed it not only took place in 25 countries out of 5 continents, but for the first time, CPI(M) explicitly supported an international campaign by ICSPWINDIA with the important outcome that the day also saw initiatives within the Indian Union in various of its states.

Our committee still has to take many steps forward but at the same time we are proud that it objectively represents the spearhead on the African continent and in the Arab world of this important activity in favor of the most advanced PW in the world today.

In this meeting we inform you about something new: we succeeded in forming an "Arab Committee to Defend the Revolution in India" among the intellectuals of many Arab countries.

Indeed, if the Arab people divided into different states have rebelled almost perpetually in recent decades, giving rise to continuous popular revolts, including armed ones, they have not yet found the right strategic path so far : that of the PPW! The people's war in India represents a political, theoretical, ideological and military example for all the oppressed peoples of the world, including the Arab people, and it is therefore an experience that must be known, understood and supported.

In this sense, by organizing the commitee in Tunisia we propose:

- to involve other revolutionary, democratic and progressive forces, collective and individual, also denouncing the links between the Zionist regime and that of Modi in terms of military cooperation and intelligence based against the insurgency, that is to say against the GP.

- involve, as we already did in 2017 with the farmers of the oasis of Jemna, certain peasant realities fighting in the country, and their direct and indirect intellectual representatives, making them sympathize with the great Indian peasant movement and therefore with the PW in India.

- Intensify support propaganda by symbolically hitting sensitive places and interests of the Indian government in Arab countries.

-Finally, our committee therefore undertakes to contribute to the next international campaigns in a coordinated manner within the framework of the plans indicated by the ICSPWI, taking into account the documents, proposals and appeals of the CPI (m) as indicated in the letter convening this meeting .

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live the people's war in India led by the CPI(M)!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Declaration of The creation of the "Arab Committee for the Defense of the Revolution in India".

Farmworkers, peasants, women, students, oppressed nationalities and others are leading the struggle in India, where strikes, sit-ins, protests and armed actions erupt in a people's war that has been going on for decades. years, and millions of people are involved in this fight

In the face of this, the Indian reaction, led by Modi, is adopting intense repression, including resorting to campaigns of genocide, using the army, police and right-wing militias, employing religious sectarianism in politics, supported by imperialism, Zionism and the reactionaries in power in many countries, which reveals the ugly face of what the reactionary media describes as greater democracy on earth.

Today, eminent workers, peasants, intellectuals and fighters are in Indian prisons, and many of them are liquidated without trial and in cold blood.

In a number of countries, committees are formed to defend the revolution in India by defaming the repression through petitions and statements, organizing seminars and various forms of protests.

In the Arab homeland, a number of intellectuals are calling for the creation of the Arab Committee for the Defense of the Revolution in India.of. In a symbolic movement of solidarity with oppressed classes and nationalities leading the struggle for liberation and socialism in affirmation of internationalist solidarity between oppressed classes, peoples and nations throughout the world.


1- Hisham Ghassib, Professeur des Universités / Jordanie

2- Mohamed Al-Misbahi, écrivain et professeur d'université / Maroc

3- Rizgar Aqrawi - écrivain, journaliste / Irak

4 Ghazi Al-Sourani, écrivain / Palestine

5 Iqbal Gharbi, professeur d'université / Tunisie

6- Alaa Al-Lami, écrivain / Irak

7- Um El-Zein Benchikha, écrivain et professeur d'université / Tunisie

8 - Adel Samara, écrivain / Palestine

9- Amna Yahyaoui, écrivain / Tunisie.

10 Furat Alwan, rédacteur en chef du site Internet de la place Tahrir, Irak

11- Azmi Mansour, rédacteur-prisonnier et professeur d'université / Jordanie

12 Maha Shbeita, professeur d'université / Palestine

13- Rafea El Tabib, professeur des universités / Tunisie

14- Mahfouz Jilani, journaliste et directeur de la Fondation Al-Nashra Maghreb / Mauritanie

15- Mohamed El-Jadidi, professeur des universités / Algérie.

16- Wissam Al-Faqawi, universitaire et rédacteur en chef du magazine et portail goal / Palestine

17- Farid Al-Olaybi, professeur d'université / Tunisie.


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