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India - Continuing harassment of Dr. G.N. Saibaba

April 28, 2016

Today at 11 am, Dr. G. N. Saibaba had come to college (Ram Lal Anand College, South Campus) to meet the Principal to submit a letter and meet the College Staff Association. Within 20 minutes, about 10-12 outsider goons reached and barged into Principal’s room where Dr. Saibaba along with his colleagues were talking to the Principal.
An emergent meeting of the Staff Association was called on by 12.30 pm and the gory incidents of attacks by the goons in the previous days were discussed. At the outset of the meeting the outsider goons forced themselves into the staff room and were about to reach Dr. Saibaba to attack. Some teachers immediately tried to stop them but a scuffle took place between the senior teachers and the goons as the goons refused to go out.
These handful of goons were not stopped by the college administration and even by the police who were present.
A huge number college students protested against the goons in front of them asking them leave their college. They protested against anti-teacher hooligans by showing posters against the goons.
While the Staff Association meeting was proceeding, the goons went on creating ruckus by shouting ugly slogans insulting and intimidating teachers.
The DUTA Secretary, Dr. Sandeep and executive member Dr. V. N. Dixit reached and participated in the Staff Association. The meeting passed resolutions against college administration which showed no interest in controlling the mob and against the Governing Body decision to form a single man committee and other issues. The Staff Association’s resolutions against three days of hooliganism on the college campus will be sent sent to DUTA soon.
The DUTA expresses its dismay over the fact that the Governing Body of Ram Lal Anand College, that had an emergency meeting yesterday to consider Dr. G.N.Saibaba’s application for rejoining duty after the unconditional bail given to him by the Hon’ble Supreme Court, did not revoke Dr Saibaba’s suspension, but has reportedly referred the matter to a one-man enquiry committee consisting of Shri Umesh Sharma, Advocate.
Since nothing has been conveyed to Dr Saibaba about the decision taken by the Governing Body, neither the terms of reference nor the time frame within which this committee has to submit its report, are known.
A joint delegation of the DUTA and the Staff Association of RLA college had been permitted by the Chairperson to present the facts of the case and appeal to the members of the Governing Body to revoke the suspension and allow Dr Saibaba, who has already undergone tremendous hardship as a 90% disabled teacher, to rejoin duty and resume normal academic activity. The delegation pointed out that, since the Hon’ble Supreme Court had already granted him unconditional bail, and the charges being investigated had nothing to do with the College or the University, there was no justification to continue the suspension.
Members of the delegation also lodged a protest about the fact that prior to the GB meeting, Dr Saibaba had been called by the Principal to his office, where a group of about eight young men, mostly from outside the college, were permitted to shout at Dr Saibaba and question his presence in the college as well his interaction with students a few days earlier.
The DUTA delegation was shocked to learn that later, the so-called “students” were permitted to appear before the Governing Body to present their objections in the matter. This is an unprecedented violation of norms and procedures. On the other hand, the Principal refused to receive a representation given by twenty-one students of English (Hons) of RLA College, protesting against the misbehaviour by the outsiders. A copy this representation has been given to the DUTA President and is attached.
The DUTA also condemns the actions of the Principal, RLA College, who illegally tried to prevent Dr Saibaba from entering the college today. However, the faculty and students intervened and ensured that Dr. Saibaba came and attended the annual day function of the college.
The DUTA appeals to the Vice Chancellor, Prof Yogesh Tyagi, to intervene in the matter and ensure that established norms, procedures and the rule of law are upheld in a fair and transparent manner, especially since RLA College is a University-maintained college, where the Governing Body is constituted directly by the University.
Nandita Narain (DUTA President)
Sandeep (DUTA Secretary)
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