Saturday, April 30, 2016

India Make success the 48 hours Dandakaranya Bandh on May 4 and 5, 2016!

28-4englpcimATT01078Call to make success
the 48 hours DANDAKARANYA BANDH on 4th & 5th May, 2016,
intensify a month long RESISTANCE CAMPAIGN
In a bid to bring the attention of our country and the world towards the displacement problem of Dandakaranya; to protect jal – jungle – zameen, resourses and identity, the very existence and self respect of the Adivasis; to stop the environmental destruction DKSZC of CPI (Maoist) calls upon the people and democrats to make success the proposed 48 hour DANDAKARANYA BANDH on coming 4th and 5th May and intensify a month long RESISTANCE CAMPAIGN during May.
Our party appeals to organise public meetings, conferences, seminars, dharnas, demonstrations, rallies against destructive projects in Chhattisgarh and Maharastra viz.,big mining projects, big dams, pipe line projects, Air bases, Army training schools, national parks, railway lines during Bandh. Our party also appeals to luanch a resistance campaign during May to stop destructive projects of domestic and international big carporate houses. We also appeal to conduct sabotage actions too.
If these projects once started tens of thousands of people of dandakaranya belonging to ancient tribes of Maria, Muria, Dorla, Halba, Dhurva, Bhatra, Uraon, Gond, Rajgond and ancient non-tribes of Raut, Kalad, Mahara, Marar, Panka, Ganda, Telanga, Dhakad, Sundi, Kumhar, Luhar, Kudak, Banjara, Dhobi, Nau, Kenvat, Ghadva, Ghasia would be displaced, they will be cleansed, they will be massacred at a big scale. Tens of thousands of acres of agricultural land and Jungle will be destroyed. Rivers will be badly polluted. Air, water and sound pollution will reach at their heights. On the whole it can be said that their will be heavy loss to the environment. Monsoon rains will badly be effected and serious draught situation will be created. The life style, culture, their very existence and every thing will be destroyed. Indiscriminate extraction of natural resources, just for the super profits of capitalists will go on and on. Future generations will be left with no resources.
We strongly oppose the central and state governments’ neo colonial model of development which is actually the model of loot and exploitation. We are opposing the loot of natural wealth and resources in the name of development.
Our party calls upon all the people to come forward to oppose and fight against the Operation Green Hunt which is actually the unjust war being waged by central and state governments on their own people with the aim of crushing the revolutionary peoples war and the anti-displacement peoples struggles as soon as possible and handing over the resources of Dandakaranya to the big corporate houses. We also appeal the democrats, human rights organisations and pro people media to support the anti-displacement mass movements, to safeguard the real peoples development model being implemented by revolutionary peoples committees which are called the JANATANA SARKARS.
With revolutionary greetings,
Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee
Communist party of India (Maoist)

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