Friday, July 8, 2016

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Naxal fronts take their fight against govt to Gujarat
Nagpur: Several front organizations for Naxalites are set to come together later this month in Ahmedabad to prepare a strategy to oppose government policies like land acquisition for industries and foreign direct investments in sensitive sectors like defence. They would give out a call to save ‘Jal-jangal-jameen’ which is also the theme of red rebels.
Defying prime minister Narendra Modi’s popularity in Gujarat, these organizations aim to characterize his development model as anti-people in the convention that they are claiming is being organized to save the natural resources from corporate exploitation. The development is on the lines of State Anti-Naxal Operation (ANO), Maharashtra, cautioning that several front organizations of Naxalites had become active in state and Gujarat fuelling anti-government sentiments which was also published by TOI. Maharashtra government has declared that around 55 front organizations of the banned rebel outfit have been functioning in the state and also having network elsewhere. The intelligence agencies have claimed that Naxal front organizations are operating across the state borders to create a mass base for waging war against the government and incite citizens in the name of people’s struggle.
A document procured from intelligence agencies showed a Gujarat-based organization had appealed to its counterparts in various parts of the country, like West Bengal and Chattisgarh, to join the national convention to debate on the policies like land acquisition act, foreign investment, plundering of natural resources for benefits of corporate powers and deprivation of labour and lower classes.
IGP, State ANO, Shivaji Bodkhe said Naxalites tried to influence the youngsters, especially students, who might find the left wing ideologies captivating. “The Naxalites and their front organizations try to mislead the students,” he said. The organizers’ invitation to other organizations, which is in possession of TOI, claims that Gujarat had one of the longest coastline in the country but its fishermen were at the receiving end of government’s policy. It underlines the fact that Gujarat’s fishermen community would suffer as government plans to develop thermal power plants along the coastline.
The organizers have also claimed that Modi government was trying to usurp lands from the tillers using new land acquisition law for the benefit of industrial houses. The Gujarat organization also termed the present as challenging period for the working classes including labourers and farmers. It said the government was amending labour laws to benefit the employers.

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