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Initiated by the German ministry of justice, in 2012, a Europe wide investigation started on ATIK (Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe) directors who are alleged members of TKP/ML (Communist Party of Turkey/ Marxist-Leninist). On 15th April 2015 the first stage of the police operations took place resulting in an arrest of 10 revolutionaries. Germany conducted this international operation alongside Greece, Switzerland and France. Revolutionaries who have been arrested are held in various prisons in Bavaria, a federal state of Germany.
The first steps of unlawful punishment of the arrested members of ATIK will take place in June at the first court hearing which will take place in high court in Munich-Germany.
Section 129 (“Forming Criminal organisations”) has been exercised since 1870. In 1970 section 129a (“Forming terrorist Organisations”) was introduced and in year 2012 section 129b (“Criminal and terrorist organisations abroad; extended confiscation and deprivation”) was introduced. Section 129 a-b has been criticized internationally since it allows the investigation and prosecution of political activists, members or sympathises of a political party or an organisation listed as “terrorist” organisation outside of German soils.
As a result of section 129 a-b in 400 court proceedings hundreds of political refugees has been tried unlawfully and faced heavy imprisonments. Since the addition of Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) to list of “terrorist” organisations dozens of Kurdish political activist faced heavy imprisonments and most of them prohibited from any political activity in Germany. This unlawfulness continues in Germany with 9 Kurdish political activist still in prison. Yet again dozens of members and activists of Anatolian federation, a legal organisation, has been arrested and imprisoned unlawfully.
This process continues with the arrests of 10 revolutionary individuals in April 2015. Section 129 a-b allow extra authority for police and prosecutors who also implemented this section to indigenous revolutionaries and political organisations especially during times when social domestic opposition is on the rise. Section 129 a-b is a constant threat and intimidation instrument on the society. With section 129 a-b German constitution removes the right of freedom of speech of the people, which we expect only in country ruled by totalitarian regime. Section 129 a-b shall be cancelled immediately and all political prisoners shall be released.
Police operation conducted on 15th April 2015 is a total legal scandal. The accusation put forward by Federal attorney general of Germany has no provision. The allegation put forward by the Federal attorney General is that people who have been arrested are activists of a terrorist organisation TKP/ML is subjective. TKP/ML is not listed as a terrorist organisation by the European Union meaning that its activities are legal. TKP/ML is not a terrorist organisation. TKP/ML is a political organisation founded in 1972 and until this day continues with its political activities in Turkey.
In a country governed by fascism, any political party who is organising the masses and struggling in illegal means because it is unable to do so publically cannot be listed as a terrorist organisation. The term “terror” and “terrorist organisations” is a concept created by imperialist powers to oppress the legitimate struggle of the masses. Terror is a blind violence. Terror plucked from its political content is aimless. Definition of Terror is has always been

subject to change. Imperialist powers and their lackeys such as Turkey has used threat of terror to keep masses under control and continue their ruling. Every country’s definition of terrorism and terrorist organisation various depending on their interests. For example, ISIS is considered a terrorist organisation by many countries, but Turkey denies that ISIS and El-Nusra Front are terrorist organisations and continue to support them.
Colombia considered FARC (The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) as a terrorist organisation until recently the government officials sat down with FARC in Cuba and signed and agreement. This shows that definition of terrorist organisation can change in an instant. Also IRA was considered a terrorist organisation by England for long time until English state has sat down with IRA and recognised the independence of Ireland. We can say the similar case for Spain. Spanish state has signed an agreement with ETA which they have considered a terrorist organisation for years.
Those who fight for communism, revolution and national liberation are not terrorist organisations as portrayed by the imperialist powers and countries controlled by imperialist powers. It is now meaningless to say that a political organisation who cannot publish its newspapers openly or organise masses publicly because of the restrictions by the state cannot be called terrorist because they have to do so illegally. It is same for the national liberation movements practicing their most legitimate right to self-defence.
Kurdish nation, for the last 90 years are constantly facing oppression and thousands have been massacred by the Turkish state. Kurdistan was divided into four between Syria, Iran, Iraq and Turkey in 1923 and Kurds living within the borders of Turkey were never officially recognised. As a result of this denial, assimilation and massacre policies Kurds have rebelled many times and still continue their struggle today. Established in 1984, Kurdistan Workers Party have managed to mobilise the Kurds to armed struggle and after 30 years of immense struggle Turkish state recognised the existence of Kurds. Turkish state not only recognised Kurds existence but even sat down to deal with them when Kurds gained the upper hand in the struggle. This alone is enough to show that definition of “terrorism” or “terror organisation” can change in terms of one’s interests.
TKP/ML is considered a “terrorist organisation” because the oppressed people are gathering around TKP/ML to oppose the Turkish State and its policies. No legitimate struggle can be criticised as “terrorism”.  People hold the right to resist, and the oppressed have the right to self-determine. After the Second World War, right to self-defence and right to self-determination via armed struggle is recognised, internationally, as a legitimate right of the oppressed people and oppressed nations. No state has right to take this from the people. This legitimate right cannot be prohibited by any political power or any law. We can openly say that political powers around the world call anyone who oppose them “terrorist organisations”.
The German ministry of justice allowed in 2012 the operation for the investigation whose fake content were delivered by the Turkish state to the German authorities. Although the activities of TKP/ML were not banned in Germany a sudden declaration of it as a terror organisation was declared due to the common interests of Turkey and Germany. All the fake evidence of this operation is put together by the Turkish police.
The subject of the German authorities to ask for proofs and documents has been met by those Turkish police which were also known for creating false facts in the known cases as such the “Ergenekon” and “Balyoz” by manipulating CD’s with writing documents on them that did not exist and these CD’s.
The federal court of justice in Germany is also accuses the TKP/ML of fighting against the ISIS in the Middle East.  The whole world is condemning and fighting ISIS and therefore fighting
against ISIS is not guilt, in opposite a requirement for the humanity. Why should be the fighting against ISIS be declared as a committed crime when they kill people in a barbaric way, don’t respect any other nations or peoples believes with the obvious beheading of people just because they are Shia, Ezidi, or Christians? In order to support the YPG, Germany has spent millions of Euros worth weapons via Barzani, called on many occasions on international stages to fight ISIS and trying to accuse TKP/ML militants for fighting the ISIS is strongly self-contradicting.
From the point of view of the right for international struggle and national (social) liberation both the federal court of justice and the federal criminal police office have no grounds for their accusations. The use of the criminal code 129/a-b as a reason for accusations is solely politically motivated.
Turkey and Germany have a relationship of interest that goes far back in history. This relationship of interests has begun during Ottoman Empire and still continue today becoming more and more stable. The foundation of this relationship of interest is based on economic means. German generals in the ottoman army had been promoted to lead the army during 1st imperialist war. History has not forgotten about the German army officials and generals who have aided Ottomans as well as taking their part in committing genocide against the Armenians. This relationship continued in 2nd imperialist war and still continues today.
There are around 6 thousand German multinational companies in Turkey. This alone shows behind the scene agreements between Turkey and Germany. There are more than 2 million Syrian refugees in Turkey trying to enter Europe. In order to stop this influx Germany and other European countries turn a blind eye on Turkey, as well as Germany attacking Turkish/Kurdish political organisations. Prime Minister Angela Merkel visited Turkey several times prior to November elections, has played a huge role in AKP winning the elections. German interior minister Thomas de Maiziere, said during an interview aired on Monitor on 4th Feb 2016, “Those who are expecting us to criticise Turkey from dusk till dawn, I suggest them to stop waiting. We have our interests. Turkey has interests. There are matters we can criticise Turkey on. However If we want to stop refugee influx from Turkey, this has a cost in mutual interest terms.” He is basically saying that we are turning a blind eye on Turkey.
Everybody taking a closer look at Turkey can see that it is far from a democracy and the international recognised values of human rights and freedoms. In 1984 started Kurdish liberation fight has been brutally supressed with all the means of the Turkish state and war against the Kurds since then was launched.  The true murderous face of the Turkish state has been revealed in the midst 1990 by; 3500 villages were burned down, emptied out and eradicated from the map, 5 million Kurds were forced to evacuate, the economy in the Kurdish are was collapsed, the agriculture collapsed, and at least 50000 Kurds killed by the Turkish state.
Seventeen thousand unsolved assassinations committed, more than 2000 opposition members disappeared under custody and extra judicially killed, thousands of people lost their life’s in prisons, revolutionaries executed on streets and at home,  newspapers banned, Kurdish members of the parliament imprisoned for 10 years after swearing the oath in Kurdish language.
Since the 7th of June the AKP (Justice and Development Party) government is delivering so much injustice that is has become very easy to be seen.
In order to prevent the vote gains of the HDP (people’s democracy party) and their move into
the parliament on the general election on 7th of June, the AKP did all they can to prevent this by blackmailing, sabotaging and organising ISIS suicide bombers disrupt HDP gatherings.  On the 5th of June in Diyarbakir a suicide bomber killed 10 people, on the 22nd July 2015 a massacre was carried out in Suruc. Carried out by the ISIS suicide bombers 34 young people lost their life in Suruc.
The AKP not managing on the 7th June to gain enough votes to govern as a single party, decided to go to early elections on the 1st of November and in order to gain enough votes to govern alone all means were free for them use. On the 10 October where several civil organisations such as the unions and mass organisations took part in a march that was sabotaged with the ISIS suicide killers leading to the death of 104 people and hundreds wounded.
Since the 8th of June 2015 the AKP has started a brutal total war against the Kurds. Sur, Cizre, Nusaybin, Idil, Silopi are the main counties where a curfew was introduced and counties and towns were surrounded by the military and attacked with heavy artillery. Peoples trenches for defending themselves and their announcement of self-governing declared as division of the country by the Turkish state is used as an excuse to attack and eradicate the Kurdish people.  By surrounding the areas with heavy artillery and not allowing people leaving their houses; banning people from getting water and bread like basic needs; not allowing the wounded people to leave to hospitals, the Turkish state has committed yet again a series of brutal killings. Since February 2016 the number of people hiding and dying in the cellar of their houses reached more than 200. Among them 101 were killed by burning and brutally partitioned bodies were all over the place so even the relatives could not recognize the bodies which were buried in the “no-names” cemeteries. Since the June 2015 the number of people lost their life are more than one thousand has been revealed by the state. Among the 1000 50 are children.
Turkey is like an open prison. Human right are put completely on the shelf by the AKP. The freedom of expression exists only in when the AKP is praised. What the journalists publish is depending on the wishes of the president Erdogan. It is enough to be arrested when one criticizes Erdogan. The prisons are completely full. In February 2016 5000 people were more imprisoned than the capacities of the prisons in total could take. Although 450 politically imprisoned people are ill and about to die their release is being blocked. Accidents at workplaces taking workers life are considered as normal and not as a crime. Also the homicide against woman is putting Turkey internationally to the highest ranks.
To get or organised, speaking out thoughts means to be arrested and put into prisons. The more and more brutalising attitude of the Turkish police against protestors make the daily headlines and protests against the destruction and environment are brutally scattered.
It is unacceptable that German Federal attorney general is trying to declare TKP/ML as a terrorist organisation relying on section 129 a/b. it is unacceptable to show this case a terrorist organisation case. Federal attorney is trying to concisely hide the political nature of this case by using “terror” argument. They are trying to manipulate public opinion by calling this a “terror” case.
TKP/ML is not a “terrorist organisation”. TKP/ML is a political organisation whose aim is to bring people’s democratic revolution and socialism. They advocate that real saviour of humanity is socialism. TKP/ML is continuation of TKP (Communist Party of Turkey) which was established in 1920 by Mustafa Suphi and his comrades. Mustafa Suphi alongside with his 14 comrades was murdered by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1921 as they entered Turkey via the black sea. In 1972 Ibrahim Kaypakkaya who said he admired Mustafa Suphi and founded
TKP/ML. Since it was founded TKP/ML continued its political activities until now. Turkish state since it was founded savagely murdered and prisoned, communists and revolutionaries. Ibrahim Kaypakkaya was arrested in January 1973 and was executed under immense torture on 18th May 1973 in Diyarbakir prison.
TKP/ML is an underground organisation because it is prohibited from legal political action. Its members and sympathizers are constantly arrested, murdered and imprisoned. It is struggle is against the Turkish state. Turkish state is unlawful, fascist and oppressive and therefore it is legitimate to oppose this system. Working class and the people organised by TKP/ML has every right to resist against the atrocities of such a fascist state.
Court hearings are expected to begin in June, we must stand against this political case which is put forward as a terror case by the Federal attorney general. This case is a result of behind the scene deals Turkey and Germany made. This case
The trial case will be entirely composed of a show. The public will see that the sentences will be given has already been bargained behind closed doors. Those who are arrested are still kept under total isolation, their defence is still limited and most of them speak with their lawyers behind the glass barrier. It is cannot be said that this will be a fair trial. We call upon public opinion in Germany to oppose this anti-democratic, unlawfull trial which is based on unlawfull evidence. We call upon political parties in the parliament talking of superiority of law to oppose this scandal trial.
We call upon lawyers to show their opposition the validity of fake evidence created by Turkey and given to the German police.
We call upon all revolutionary, democrats, progressive, migrant and indigenous organisations to show their solidarity with political prisoners by attending demonstrations.
April 2016
Uluslararası Politik Tutsaklarla Dayanışma Komitesi
International Committee of Solidarity with Political Prisoners 

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