Monday, February 27, 2017

Red Guards – Philadelphia - STOP GREEN HUNT

 Support the Call for International Solidarity to Defend Maoists in India
STOP GREEN HUNT: Support the Call for International Solidarity to Defend Maoists in India

We in Red Guards – Philadelphia view the Protracted People’s Wars being waged by our comrades in India and in the Philippines as the strategic anchors of the movement for the emancipation of the world proletariat. They have achieved a level of success in their struggles that we seek to attain in our own, for it is only with the liberation of the entire world’s peoples that Communism will be possible. Should these People’s Wars be successful then new base areas will be created from which the International Communist Movement will gather strength and guidance. This is what is at stake right now on a world scale.
We draw inspiration from our comrades in India, and when they mourn we mourn with them. Their heroism and sacrifice deepens our grasp of the necessary truth that wherever people seek to make revolution, we must fearlessly carry our lives on our fingertips to offer whenever the revolution demands them.  We stand in solidarity with our comrades in India in denouncing the atrocity perpetrated on their cadre in Malkangiri. When the CPI (Maoist) and the people of India cry out “Stop Operation Green Hunt!” we shout in chorus with them!
Long live the Communist Party of India (Maoist)!
Victory to the People’s War in India!
Death to the Fascist Indian State!
“Thousands upon thousands of martyrs have heroically laid down their lives for the people; let us hold their banner high and march ahead along the path crimson with their blood!”
– Comrade Mao

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