Monday, April 30, 2018

GB Has May Day lost its way ? Remember the Great May Day Campaigns in Support of the Oppressed .


May Day is a day of International Proletarian Solidarity was born out the struggle in the US and the Haymarket Martyrs and the fight for the eight hour day.
In the 20th century there were great May Day struggles for Sacco and Vanzetti and later Angelo Herndon and Scottsboro boys.
May Day was a day of international solidarity and worldwide campaigns in support of prisoners and the oppressed.
It was never meant to ritual marching day but a fighting day – fighting for freedom to come sooner rather than later for those imprisoned and oppressed..
Today the western media sets the agenda and when people are massacred in remote Indian villages by the Indian State it does not even make the News.

India during the last 18 months at Malkangiri then Telangana and now Gadchiroli the Indian Hindvta Fasist State has sytematically been massacring Maoist comrades the defence vanguard of proletarian India.
There are many other daily atrocties being committed against Dalits and Adavasis and Muslims and Secularists and national minorities –  again they do not make the western media.
Wake up to May Day as a Day of Proletarian Solidarity and not ritual and Protest the massacre at Gadchiroli our martyrs in year 2018

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