Saturday, April 21, 2018

Maoistroad supports - Grup Yorum is the People and Cannot Be Silenced!

Dear comrades,

As we mailed before, Grup Yorum will give an internet concert on April 29.

This will be a big answer to fascism.

As you know, fascism increased oppression on Grup Yorum and arrested their 11 members. They put Yorum members on their "wanted" lists, with rewards of hundred thousand dollars.
They always try to ban and Grup Yorum concerts.

On the other hand, Grup Yorum's answer to these will be more than a music performance...
It will be the will of the people.

The fascism wants to break the will. But in order to strengthen the will of the people, we think that we must be in solidarity with Grup Yorum.

We have to give our full support to Grup Yorum, regarding their concerts...
How can we give support?

-You can write down a support statement under the names of your own organization. The statement will be read during the concert..
-You can send videos, expressing your support and solidarity with Grup Yorum..

We are waiting for your statements - videos till next week...

Grup Yorum is the People and Cannot Be Silenced!

With revolutionary greetings...

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