Saturday, April 21, 2018

Latin America MEXICO - Sol Rojo Oaxaca protest

The 11th of April, revolutionary Sol Rojo marched through the principal streets of Oaxaca City. Militants of Sol Rojo and many masses, who joined in, waved their red flags as they made their way towards the city's main square, which they had occupied for a period of two weeks last month.
Below are listed many of the demands, positions and criticisms of Sol Rojo, which they voiced during their massive protest and were shown in their report of said event.
Sol Rojo denounced many of the problems faced in Oaxaca and demanded solutions to said problems:
  • The payment of reparation damages to the Triqui people, who have been displaced from their hometown San Miguel Copala.
  • No meddling with the comunal lands of San Bals Atempa and the the building cancellation of an electric-military installation in Zapotec territorry.
  • No meddling with the syndical autonomy of general working conditions of worker's affiliated to Section 9 of the SINTS (National Independant Syndicate of Health Workers).
  • A solution to the legal battle of politcal character between the state and the primary school Paul Percy Harris  and the cancellation of the educative module (which by its activities denigrates the name of this democratic institution).
  • Freeing the comrades, which were arbitrarily detained and jailed the 7th of June 2015 and have since been behind bars and have suffered tortures in high security prisons.
They also made their political positions clear and heard on different topics, in contrast to the current situation in Mexico:
  • Their rejection of the state's counterreforms and the state's policies against the people.
  • A stop to the war against the people and state terror.
  • Liberty for all politcal prisoners, the alive reappearance of the desaparecidos (people, who have gone missing) and punishment for the murderers of their comrades.
  • Their rejection towards all bourgois parties and candidates and towards the elections, which are no more than an instrument of oppression towards the people and a legitimacy tool for the government.
In Addition, to the already mentioned points and positions, in the context of the 99th anniversary of Emiliano Zapata, 5 Points were upheld:
  1. The validity of the agrarian revolution as it was upheld by the Ejercito Libertador del Sur (Southern Liberating Army) and the Plan of Ayala in today's context of bureaucratic capitalism, semifeudalism and semicolonialism in Mexico.
  2. The agrarian revolution and new democratic revolution will not be achieved by classist collaborationism and parlamentarian cretinism, but by classist organisation and class struggle.
  3. In this question it's unthinkable to think of the viability of pcific and evolutive change, for the electoral circus will only help the bourgoisie to opress, exploit and suck the blood out of the proletarians and the working people. Elections are no solution, the solution is revolution!
  4. They will upheld the call of "No votar, organizarse y luchar!" ("Don't vote, organise yourselves and fight!") and wherever the conditions might not make this possible, the active boicot will be developed.
  5. Their route is the revolutionary route towards the transformation of society, which will only be possible as the revolution of Mexico being part of the world wide revolution towards communism.
Sol Rojo reasserted the revolutionary paroles of its people: "Salvo el poder, todo es ilusion!" ("Everything is illusory, but power!") and "La rebelion se justifica" ("Rebelion is justified!") and that they will continue to struggle as much and as many times necessary, towards newer and greater tasks and newer and greater victories!
Salvo el poder, todo es ilusion!
La rebelion se justifica!

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