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1 - ICSPWI Report internationalist meeting India -Milan 8th December

This traslation is realized by an italian comrade and it can be made better


The Internationalist Meeting of the International Committee for Support the People's War in India was successfully held in Milan 8th december 2018
Various articipants from various European countries: Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Galicia, Turkey. Others have sent messages, particularly from England,ireland, Tunisia, Greece; a greeting was sent by the German Maoists and CRI France and support for the meeting came from Afghanistan. Nepal, Sri Lanka. The meeting was attended by italian representatives of the political and mass organizations that are part of the support committee in Italy and representatives of the revolutionary movement in Italy interested in political prisoners in India and the struggle against imperialism, the Indian regime and the operation Green Hunt.
The Meeting was opened by singing of the International and during it was expressed a greeting for the anniversary of the death of the comrade of the PCMaoiste de France, Pierre, one of the founders of the Committee of Support.
The Meeting was held in three parts to allow all the comrades and participants to deepen the various aspects of the current situation in India and analyze all the possibilities and fields of the action of international support.

After the introduction, made by a well-known Italian woman comrade who informed about the organization of the meeting, a first report was carried out by an Italian comrade of the Committee - whose text has sent in an attachment. The comrade has also collected all the news about the repression under going in India and the most striking operations of it. These texts are available in Italian, Spanish and English, some of these are coming from India and from the various organisations currently fighting against the hindu fascist regime and the Green Hunt operation.

About the Green Hunt operation, the Galician comrade Adolfo Naya Fernandez presented his book on the global political, and ideological nature of imperialism and its action against the people wars and the revolutionary movement, in whose framework the operation Green Hunt should be inserted and is an expression of it.
The book is a very useful tool, appreciated and adopted by the Committee that supports the presentation and implementation of editions in the different languages that are already taking place, in particular we highlight the one that recently took place in Austria.

Immediately afterwards the young French Maoist comrades intervened, present with a strong delegation and "hot" of the frontline engagement in the revolt in France of these days.
These comrades read an intervention received with applause and warmth from the meeting - the text is attached.

A fellow MLKP member subsequently intervened, bringing his militant salute to the meeting and talked about the situation in Turkey and northern Kurdistan denouncing the parallel between the repressive operation of the Turkish regime and imperialism and the Green Hunt operation, underlining the importance of internationalist solidarity between India and Turkey that needs to be intensified. The Meeting hailed this appeal, expressing its full commitment.

The second part of the Meeting was dedicated to examining the line, strategy and tactics and the current developments of the action of the CPI (Maoist), the PLGA; a detailed examination using documents and publications reported by the CPI Maoist and adopted by the Committee to advance understanding and support for the People's War, to the Party that directs it, to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism that guides them.

Important in this phase of the meeting was the reading of the Communiqué of the CPI (Maoist) announcing the change of the Party Secretary. The whole meeting greeted with gratitude Comrade Ganapathy who led the Party in the long process of unification of all the Maoists and all the Naxalite forces and that led the Party to the current stage of the people's war. The Meeting greeted the new secretary expressing the full support and certainty that will lead the people's war towards a phase of progress in the struggle against the Indian regime and imperialism, for the victory of the New Democracy revolution and the march towards Socialism.

To give value to the global battle of the Party, the Meeting reminded at this point the comrade Anuradha Ghandy; a comrade from Mfpr Italia presented the Italian edition of her writings, in particular those dedicated to the critical analysis of the various tendencies of Western feminism.
An important contribution that comes from the Party and Maoist women of India and marks the extraordinary role that women have and will have in people’s wars in the world and in the struggle for socialism and communism as a powerful force of revolution.

During the Meeting the messages of greeting to the Meeting were read in the meantime, also containing critical and self-critical proposals and interventions that help the Committee to advance and play its important role, not only in international support for the people's war but in the general advancement of the movement of the proletariat and oppressed peoples under the banner of proletarian internationalism.

The comrade from international support committee for the People's War from Austria intervened. The intervention will be distributed internationally. The comrade proposed that the Committee should establish a stable coordination with representatives of the countries that are part of it or who want to participate, with a common plan, and that contributes to the affirmation of Maoism and people’s wars in the world. She proposed a campaign for the Maoist leader Ajith illegitimately detained in Indian prisons and a Seminar to be held in Austria in spring, to analyze the historical action of naxalism and of the CPI (Maoist) about the electoral boycott.

Further interventions were carried out by the Support Committee from Galicia and by other comrades of the Committee in Italy, aimed to clarifying the Committee's function and action as not as a pure propaganda and identity tool, but aimed to creating a broad mass movement that it will isolates the Indian regime and makes growing the solidarity with the people's war, obtaining the necessary teaching to assert the path of revolution and the people’s wars from all over the world.

A strong delegation of comrades inspirited by the TKP / ml attended the debate, to express support for the Meeting and to widen and rebuild all international and international relations with the parties, organizations and solidarity organizations present, especially today in which TKP / ml and the Turkish revolutionary movement is going through a phase of intense line struggle of organization and development of revolutionary action.

All the Italian comrades and realities participating, even if not already part of the Committee, have expressed great interest in the Meeting and the commitment to strengthen in Italy the cooperation that will advance international and internationalist solidarity.

The meeting ended with the singing of the International and loudly shouted his "Lal Salaam!".
The meeting has adopted as the first stage of its work the international week of action and mobilization of 20-27 January 2019.
The Meeting was well organized by the comrades of the Milan Committee and thanked the MiceneSocial Center, a long-standing reality in international solidarity, in the struggle to support political prisoners, and as an area for the struggle of migrants, the struggle for the home and of the proletarian struggles in general in a popular neighborhood of the most important in Milan.

December 2018

all tests arrived will be sent and published in the next days

The Committee of Italy then has collected the proposals made at the meeting and received for the continuation of the Committee's action on all the fields in the next year.
All the proposals are submitted to the general debate of the Committees of the various countries and of the comrades who support the people's war in India, to be adopted in a unitary spirit and implemented according to the political and organizational conditions existing in the various countries.

December 2018

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