Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Germany - TKP/ML's 50th anniversary was celebrated with a large and internationalist demonstration

 Communist leader KAYPAKKAYA was commemorated!



Centrally organized by Avrupa Partizan , the march started at 15.00 on Lautenschläger street. The march started with a moment of silence in memory of the martyrs of communism and revolution and Comrade Kaypakkaya. Speeches emphasizing the 50th anniversary of the Party were made during the speeches made during the march that started after the moment of silence. "Long Live Our Party TKP/ML", "Our Leader İbrahim, İbrahim Kaypakkaya ", "Long Live the People's War", "Long Live Proletarian Internationalism", "Kurdistan will be a graveyard for fascism", "Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Viva," Viva, Viva” slogans were shouted.

In addition to the Great Kaypakkaya banner, the cortege with five masters and four general secretaries signed by TKP/ML, Partizan banners and banners and pennants of the participating revolutionary and communist parties and organizations attracted a lot of attention throughout the march with its visuals.

After the march, which ended at the Marktplatz square at 16:00, the crowd celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Party by stopping at the dance to the accompaniment of drums and horns. After the dances, the event started with the opening speech. After the melodies sung by the revolutionary artist Ali Çiçek , representatives of revolutionary and communist organizations from Greece, Brazil, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Finland, Norway and Italy gave speeches in their own languages ​​and presented messages of solidarity and struggle. After the speeches, the enthusiasm of the audience increased with the Partizan anthems sung by Grup Revolt Fire .

The masses accompanied the marches and ballads sung by the revolutionary artist Pınar Aydınlar . Pınar Aydınlar invited Gülmez Ana to the stage to give a speech. Speaking with the slogans of "Mothers' anger will suffocate the murderers", "Thousands of greetings to those who fight and fall in the dungeon, in the mountains", Mother Gülmez exposed the state's policies that prohibit the repression of the revolutionary and communist prisoners and the actions of the Saturday Mothers in search of their lost children, and called for a struggle. .

In the event; AGEB, ATIGF, İTİF, Mor Kızıl Kolektif, PGİ/MLM, MKP, Devrimci Democracy, Öncü Partizan , MLKP, MLPD, Popular Front, NAVDEM and Die Linke took part, international MLM parties and organizations; YKP(ml) (Greek Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)), Brazilian Communist Party (Red Faction), Maoist Communist Party-Italy, Maoist Communist Party-France, Maoist Communist Party-Spain, Red Flag Committee-Germany, Austria (Maoist) ) Communist Party-Building Committee, Maoist representatives from Finland and Norway attended.

In the event, the Communist Party of India (Maoist), who sent messages on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Struggle of the TKP/ML, the Construction Committee of the Maoist Communist Party of Galicia, the Service to the People -Communist Union / Norway, the Peruvian People's Movement and expressed the feelings of revolutionary friendship and solidarity. Thanks to all those who showed solidarity.

After the dance and the oath of revolution, the event ended at 20:00.

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