Monday, May 2, 2022


May Day- we have to celebrate just our struggle, but our conditions demand an extra gear

Let us unite our struggles, to elevate them, to put an end to this barbarous, rotten, warmonger, sexist, racist system.

On this May 1st, sheets and booklets would not be enough to expose the working conditions of us, workers, immigrants women. If it were bad before, three years of pandemic has brought us even lower, if possible.

Many of us have lost their jobs, the poor, precarious work, with huge exploitation and very little wage, has become common, from small businesses to large ones. We are dying more and more, because of fatigue, lack of safety in factories as in the countryside. Our lives do not worth, our bodies only worth when, put under pressure, allow more profits to the small and large masters. Likewise, our lives are hanging by a thread because of men who hate women and find fuel for their hatred under this fascist bourgeois system, which at most sheds crocodile tears the day after ...

Ambra, 29, postwoman, the last one who lost her life

We are disgusted by the mass media, parties in government and parliament, ministers who today tell how sad and indignant they are for our conditions of discrimination, oppression, and tomorrow continue worsening our lives, making us getting sick and killing, trying to take away our rights (they can't wait to wipe out the abortion one); while they applaud themselves for miserable, self-righteous programs that are an offense to us and our children (such as the single family allowance, whose funds are taken off other items in our own salary, or the loud propaganda on parental leave when the time of work becomes more and more reduced)

We are furious today, when to all this, for their dirty imperialist interests, they have added the damn war! No more funds for health, safety, social services, education, all for military spending! And their war also comes at home with the high cost of living, the increase in workloads at home, for us who have to struggle with less and less money. But what angers us most and we cannot bear is once again the cynical use of women, the terrible condition of Ukrainian women and children, to make war propaganda, to fuel and extend the inter-imperialist conflict Russia/Nato/US. In every imperialist country, US first, closely followed by the Italy, they speak of women, war rapes, when they are the chiefs of fascist armies, responsible of violence, sexual torture, rape, in Iraq, Syria, Balkans, Somalia, etc. And now the Italian government also boats about the welcoming of Ukrainian women and children refugees, when hiding the women and children who continue dying in our seas, the concentration camps where other refugees in our country are locked.

On this of May 1st We must say, tell ourselves that we must not, we cannot accept all this!

A slogan of ours says: Let us unleash the fury of women as a mighty force of the revolution!

To transform this right slogan into concrete steps, we must fight more, raise and extend the struggles we carry out and, above all, unite, organize, participate in great number at the Women/ Workers Assembly (which will organize an upcoming national meeting in early June).

This battle must be taken into the hands by all the proletarian, workers and immigrant women, because they have to break not just one or two chains but all of them, their whole life must change and so they need to overthrow this barbaric society from earth to heaven, for a new world, for socialism!

For this we need a feminism, yes, but a revolutionary proletarian feminism!



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