Sunday, May 15, 2022

Palestine -NAKBA did't end in 1948

The EU was quick to impose sanctions on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, including a ban on trade with the Russian occupied and de facto annexed Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts of Ukraine. Yet, for 55 years, European trade with Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise has funded apartheid and annexation of occupied Palestinian territory.




Dear supporter,
Last May, activists around the world stood with us. Yet, Western governments offered rhetorical condemnation at best, and at worst ongoing complicity.
Apartheid Israel’s colonial violence and naked aggression have never stopped. But neither has Palestinian resilience and sumud (steadfastness).
In Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan, Al-Naqab and Masafer Yatta and across historic Palestine, Palestinians stand united against ongoing ethnic cleansing.
During April, apartheid Israel murdered at least 23 Palestinians, including 3 women and 2 children; embarked on a campaign of mass arrest; and once again bombed the Palestinian population of besieged Gaza.
Our Nakba did not end in 1948.


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