Saturday, March 4, 2023

CPP: Let Us Commence Celebrations Of 54th Anniversary Of Foundation Of NPA

Communist Party Of The Philippines

March 1, 2023

Let us commence celebrations of the 54th anniversary of the New People’s Army (NPA) and its heroic efforts to advance the people’s war in the Philippines. On March 29, 2023, let us set our sights on the path towards victory while carrying the heavy tasks of facing the fascist terrorism under the US-Marcos-Duterte regime.

Why is there a people’s war in the Philippines? This is because the Filipino people desire to achieve genuine national freedom and democracy for the Motherland: freedom from US imperialist subjugation, and democracy from the tyranny of the big bourgeois compradores, landlords and bureaucrat capitalists.

The people’s war is patriotic, revolutionary, just and enjoys the deep support of the masses. It is invincible because it represents the aspirations of the people. They are determined to take back the country’s wealth from foreign robbers and their ruling class accomplices, end the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system in the country, and build a prosperous and developing country for Filipinos.

The success of the people’s war depends on the general mobilization of the people, above all, of the peasant masses. In general and in essence, the people’s war is a peasant war led by the working class through the Party. Land is the principal democratic demand of the majority of the people. It is the key question in the people’s war.

The enemy, US imperialism and its puppet Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP), is much bigger and more powerful. It has powerful weapons including jet fighters, helicopters, drones, bombs and unlimited ammunition. The strength of the enemy is matched only by his fascist brutality. While using powerful weapons to subdue the people, he only isolates himself further from the masses and pushes them to fight back.

Though lacking in weapons, the NPA has in its ranks Red fighters who are highly disciplined and politically conscious. They are not just warriors. They are also doctors, teachers, artists, and forces of production who all serve the interests of the masses. Economic, political and military democracy firmly unite its officers and fighters. Veterans or new fighters, regardless of gender or class origin, all are valiantly fighting for the country’s freedom. They are wholeheartedly ready to make all sacrifices to serve the masses and achieve victory.

The people’s war in the Philippines is protracted. The NPA needs time to accumulate strength until it can defeat the enemy and seize power in the entire country. Through guerrilla warfare, the NPA weakens the enemy step by step, gradually accumulates strength, and creates conditions for victory.

Since the vast countryside of the country is fragmented into many separate islands, it will take time to progress from being small and weak to big and strong throughout the archipelago. The NPA’s forces were initially established on the larger islands, and gradually progressed to connect guerrilla forces on many islands.

Piece by piece, the NPA annihilates the more modern army armed and financed by the most powerful imperialist in the world. Their forces concentrate to defeat the enemy’s weak points, annihilate the fascists and seize its weapons and military equipment. When the enemy is stronger, the guerrilla forces flexibly disperse to mount mass work and shift to avoid getting caught unprepared in battle. Even if they temporarily leave the established base, they ensure that the seeds of the revolution they have sown will flourish and bear fruit, even as they sow more seeds among the broader masses.

Red fighters fully grasp that the strength in weapons is not decisive factor in war, but the determination and indomitable spirit of the people. Any lack of material things can be overcome by the deep support of the masses, by their extensive participation in the war, together with the heroism of their brave warriors. All possible weapons—guns, bolo, wood or stones—will be used against the enemy. The small shall become big, and the mighty enemy shall be overcome. The people and their people’s army armed with the correct theory and ideology shall advance and prevail. This is the historical law of people’s war, regardless of its twists and turns, retreats and advance.

The armed struggle will further advance along with the widespread mass struggles. The key in advancing the people’s war is the firm unity of the masses and their people’s army. The flames of mass struggles in the countryside, together with all the means of armed resistance by the people’s militias and NPA units, will engulf and raze the fascism of the puppet state.

The NPA is under the absolute leadership of the Party. The correct leadership of the Party shaped the people’s army, and has kept it loyal to the oppressed people’s desire for freedom and democracy. Red fighters are being taught Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to use as guide in all its actions. The Party is the NPA’s iron backbone.

As we commemorate the 54th year of the NPA, let us strengthen our resolve to fight. Persevere on the path of protracted people’s war. Advance extensive and intensive guerrilla warfare on the basis of an ever widening and deepening mass base. Strengthen and expand units of the people’s army and people’s militia. Part by part, smash and defeat the arrogant enemy. Achieve a thousand and one victories. Serve the masses wholeheartedly, and march along the long road to freedom and democracy!


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