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Hello comrades!

Here is an English translation of our report on the actions we did in different Swiss cities for the international days of action on the 24th and 25th of February which we hope that you will post.

By the way, it would have been helpful if you had shared the text of our leaflet before the demonstration, as it could have helped with mobilization. We also want to point out that you deleted our website link and email from the leaflet text, which was unnecessary.

We look forward to seeing what other actions were carried out on the action days.

Young Communist League of Switzerland



Here is an action report for the various activities we carried out on the action days against war preparations on February 24 and 25. We believe that the action days, which were called for by various communist parties and organizations, were a general success in Switzerland.

Photos and the teaser for our full action video can be found here:

On February 25, we participated in the demonstration "Down with war! For peace and friendship between peoples!". We had several red flags with us and held a high banner with the slogan "SWISS WEAPONS: ONLY FOR US! #ALREADYAGAINSTTHENEXTWAR". Through our megaphone we shouted with much approval well-known as well as our own slogans, such as "LONG LIVE INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY", "CLASS AGAINST CLASS, WAR ON WAR! FIGHT CAPITAL UNTIL PEACE PREVAILS!", "IN EVERY WAR, IN EVERY LAND, CASH IS MADE BY A SWISS BANK", "SWISS SOLDIERS OUT OF YUGOSLAVIA!", "THE MAIN ENEMY IS AT HOME, FIGHT AND RESIST!" and "SWISS WEAPONS, SWISS MONEY, HELP TO KILL AROUND THE WORLD!". Before, during and after the demo we distributed flyers to demonstrators and passers-by. Some passers-by also expressed their agreement with our banner. We additionally helped to organize a performance of the red rap collective Yenan after the demo, which was well received.

Together with other comrades, such as the Revolutionary Youth Zurich, who carried a red side banner next to us with the slogan "FIGHT TOGETHER AGAINST THEIR WARS! NO WAR BUT CLASS WAR", and the MLKP (whose banner reading "Proletarians of all countries, unite! NO PASARAN! Everywhere is resistance" we helped to carry), we managed to give the front block of the demonstration a loud, internationalist and militant character that clearly distanced itself from the toothless pacifism. as well as warmongering from both East and West (and their accomplices).

The capitalist tabloid press attacked the demonstration in advance in several articles and tried to portray it as pro-Russian. Moreover, the cops wanted to show Swiss Imperialism's and its state's "strength" against the demonstration, and therefore were present with a disproportionate number of armed robocops. The media's smear campaign also attracted a large number of fascists and conspiracy theorists who hoped to use the demonstration for their own purposes, but were then summarily kicked out of the demonstration. Despite all these attempts to sabotage the demonstration, we successfully carried the red flag of the international working class through Zurich and, shoulder to shoulder with various revolutionary organizations, clearly demonstrated what is and must be the only strategy of all genuine internationalists: TRANSFORM THE IMPERIALIST WAR INTO A REVOLUTIONARY WAR! WAR ON WAR!

The demonstration was shown on the evening news "Tagesschau" on the 25th. We were prominently featured in the video clip shown on national television and in several news articles about the demonstration.

In Basel, on the morning of February 24, we hung/chained a large banner at the SBB train station that could be seen by incoming trains. The banner read: "NO WAR BETWEEN PEOPLES, NO PEACE BETWEEN CLASSES! NOT A SINGLE SWISS SOLDIER, NOT A SINGLE SWISS WEAPON, NOT A SINGLE SWISS BULLET TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES! FOR A BROAD MOVEMENT AGAINST IMPERIALIST WAR - NO MATTER IF IT COMES FROM WEST OR EAST! AUGUST 1: INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION AGAINST WARS OF AGGRESSION!". The banner was also decorated with caricatures of US, Chinese, Russian and Swiss imperialism.

In several workers' neighborhoods, we put up stickers with the slogan "SWISS WEAPONS: ONLY FOR US! #alreadyagainstthenextwar", distributed our action day flyer to young people, and removed pro-imperialist propaganda.


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  1. "The banner was also decorated with caricatures of US, Chinese, Russian and Swiss imperialism."
    Dear comrades,
    Please remember how many official languages there are in Switzerland. Then find out how many official languages there are in Ukraine. After that, ask yourself the question: do you still not understand what happened?