Tuesday, March 28, 2023

from India to France - Declaration of CC- PCI(Maoist)


Central Committee  Press Release

28 March, 2023

Let us support the ongoing working class struggles in France (viva la France ).Let us strive to build a militant
working class and peasantry movements all over India. Let us stand for proletariat Internationalism !

Communist proclaims that, history is created through class struggle and today, world is witnessing a Revolutionary
historical situation, an revolutionary turn in the history of mankind. The Capitalist system is passing going through one
of its worst crisis and the working class movements are becoming more radical and militant. On 23 March, 2023, the
entire world saw a militant working class movement on the streets of Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux, Lorient and others
parts of France against the Pension Reform policy (that increases the age of retirement rom 62 to 64 years) of the
Macron's government. Around 3.5 million protesting workers took to the streets across France and 1 million alone in
Paris, that sent shivers in nerves of the ruling classes in France. Also in America, Switzerland, Britain and all over the
world, we are witnessing an massive working class movements. From the perspective of the ruling classes, the
demonstration in France was an act of 'insurrection'. The memories of the Revolutionary Paris Commune 1871 has
been rightly brought afresh in front of our eyes. In Bordeaux, the town hall was set on fire, in Nantes ransacked the
Administrative Court, in Lorient (Morbihan), the police station were targeted by the protesters. The Fascist Macron's
police ruthlessly attacked the workers demonstration with tear gas, water canons, pepper sprays, bullets and
grenades. Around 457 arrests have been made by the police all over the France in order to suppress the movement.
Capitalism is a system of accumulation of profit and exploitation of the labouring classes. The capitalist production is
marked by "between ever more social production and ever more private appropriation" is the fundamental
contradiction that will cause its inevitable decline. In the last past one decade the 99 percent of world's wealth is being
controlled by the 1 percent of the capitalist class. In India, between 2012 to 2021, 40 percent of the wealth generated
has been accumulated by just 3 percent of the population. The working class all over the world is de-humanized in
the capitalist system. Words of the 17th century French Philosopher Rousseau is rightly apt to the present time: "when
the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich". The ongoing Working class demonstration is a living
inspiration for the Indian working class and the peasantry to build a militant movement against the Fascist BJP
government and the comprador bourgeoisie. Modi government has scrapped 44 labour laws and have introduced four
draconian labour codes and in the same way, it is playing to bring the Farm laws that was forced to get implemented
by the government because of more than one year of militant peasant movement in India.
Central Committee of the CPI (Maoist) from its soul and heart gives solidarity to the ongoing French working class
movements and encourages it to hold the banner high of the workers Red flag. CC appeals to all class and mass
organizations, workers, peasantry, students, intellectuals, Adivasis, Dalits, women's and nationality organizations to
hold demonstrations in support of the working class struggle in France and all over the world and also appeals to build
a militant working class and peasantry movements in India. Marx has rightly pointed that "capital comes dripping from
head to foot, from every pore, with blood and dirt" and the only emancipation of the working class is to destroy the
capitalist system with full force.

Central Committee



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