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Italy - The slaughter of migrants in the Ionian Sea - PCm Italy

The slaughter of migrants, including many children, in the Ionian Sea, is one of the many that took place in the Mediterranean in past years. The responsibility for them is of imperialism, as a system, as states and governments.

Italy, due to its geographical location, is the first and ultimate responsible for these deaths.

The first responsible because it is in its seas that these slaughters occurred, it is towards Italy that the migrants leave from the ports of the countries on the other side of the Mediterranean, first Libya, today Tunisia, after unspeakable suffering in the concentration camps, first in Libya, today also in Tunisia. Even if the migrants dead in the slaughter occurred in Cutro cane from other countries, by other routes.

It is the governments in Libya and Tunisia in cahoots with the Italian imperialist government, which have long since established agreements that produce these trips and these deaths.

At the same time, Italian imperialism is the ultimate responsible, the last ring of the chain of a system that produces war, repression, misery and death, that leads many proletarians and masses to flee from where it is impossible to struggle and survive.

It will not be possible to put an end to this endless massacre without putting an end to the system that produces them, nor it will be possible to take any other path than the escape from these countries without a development of the revolutionary mass struggle of the proletarians and peoples against those regimes and the imperialism that supports them.

This is why we Italian communists have an essential task and a main answer to give: to intensify the struggle against imperialism and above all against our own imperialism; to forge liasons with the communist, revolutionary and anti-imperialist forces operating in the countries of Asia, Africa and Middle East, to overthrow those regimes and fight the imperialism that arms and supports them.

We have been engaged on this front for long time, we daily build relations with the revolutionary and anti-imperialist communists in Tunisia, in order to create unity in the common struggle, which is part of the strategic unity between the proletarians in the imperialist countries and the proletarians and peoples in the countries oppressed by imperialism .

As well as we work for unity with the communists and anti-imperialists forces existing in other war zones, from Palestine to Turkey/North Kurdistan, Iran, Afghanistan. The unity of the communists, the unity of the proletarians and the oppressed peoples to intensify of the common struggle which implies the development of the People's War and the Revolutionary War, is indeed the only hope of breaking the chain of slaughters in the sea.

Currently the Mediterranean and the Ionian therein are plowed by imperialist ships that cost billions and are equipped with weapons that cost as many billions. Ships that conduct maneuvers and training for military missions that have only two purposes: to prepare to participate in the impending imperialist war, which marches in forced stages, and, at the same time, to be ready to support the regimes subservient to imperialists or on the same side of their masters in the international arena.

So, the Mediterranean Sea is full of ships that produce war, death, destruction, which do not save any human life but instead sharpen all the economic and social conditions that produce the great migrations and the horrid chain of slaughers, the last one off the coast of Croton.

Of course, imperialist Italy, from Bossi/Fini to the last miserable Meloni/Piantedosi governments, makes laws and policies all aimed to non-aid, to reject, to support the coast guards of the countries from which the migrants leave, to make them the first trench of non-rescue and refoulement which in many cases means shipwrecks and deaths.

All the governments of Italian imperialism have moved along the same line and each one has been worse than the previous one. The Ministers of the Interior, of Defence, of Foreign Affairs have become famous with laws that bear their name and have led to the chain of death. Slaughters that remain unpunished and each time covered by hypocrisy and criminal behavior and that, seen as a whole, can even be defined as "genocide". These States and governments are expressions of a neocolonialist, racist, imperialist logic, which with the current government reached and exceeded a new height, as many condemned, now feebly or loudly, both in Crotone and at national level.

Clearly, we want that the responsibilities of the latest slaughter are brought to light by all forms of investigation and witnesses, already underway. It is clear that we want the responsible to be punshed even under this bourgeois state. It is clear that we want that the ministers of the current government and the premier Meloni, also pay a political cost for this slaughter of which they are co-responsible, even in a shameless way.

It is clear that we want that the massive solidarity in front of this slaughter, which touched hearts and minds of the people in the Crotone area, will grow and rise up in a national demonstration in Crotone, in a national mobilization that puts a stop and questions the laws and actions of these government and ministers.

But our main task is to give a real answer. To intensify our work among the working class, the people’s masses to construct a movement first of all capable of making people understand, raise their awareness of the grounds of what occurs, demolish any illusion that these states, these governments, this system can change, and reach the conscoiusness that the change can be brought about only by overthrowing them with a proletarian and people's revolution, based on principles of solidarity and internationalism.

proletari comunisti/PCm Italy

4th of March, 2023


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