Sunday, March 5, 2023

Meloni's visit to India - declaration of proletari comunisti/PCm Italy


Meloni's visit to India was important and, unlike the her previous participations in other international summits or bilateral meetings with heads of state and prime ministers, really fruitful. Very fruitful for Italian imperialists, their industries; fruitiful for the geostrategic interests of international and Italian imperialism in such an important area in the world today.

This was not obvious, since Italy/India relationship had been damaged by events such as those of the two Italian marines who murdered Indian fishermen and other related with orders, mainly military, obtained with corruption and malfeasance, a very usual practice in the relations with Indian bourgeoisie and its governments but now no longer exactly corresponding to the role that India plays and above all seeks to play in the international arena.

It can be said that this visit actually closed a page and opened another one.

All this is far from being a particular merit of Meloni, even if on this occasion she looked “the right woman at the right time”.

She introduced herself and successfully combined the being at the service of many masters with the serving the particular interests of Italian imperialism.

She showed up to the appointment primarily at the service of US imperialism that is very interested in consolidating all types of relationships, above all military and geo-strategic, strongly based in the economic interests in the area, and is actively engaged to deploy India against China and to place India in a useful position in the current imperialist war aimed at weaken/defeat Russia.

In this sense, the Italian government aligned itself along this ridge, first of all by praising India and its premier with notably flattery ("He is the most loved leader in the world"); secondly by promising to change the orientation of the Italian government regarding to the "Silk Road", the golbal economic policy of imperialist China; thirdly by inviting India, at a rather important moment, to assume a role objectively anti-Russia mediator in the current war in Ukraine during the G20 summit -the result of which has been negative, like the last G20s in general. (we do not deal with this here).

Therefore, it is within the framework of the policy of US/NATO imperialism in the area and of imperialist interests in the dispute with China that Meloni has moved.

She was able to play this role also based on the ideological affinity, not existing with previous Italian governments, given by the fascist, clerical fascist and anti-immigrant racist nature that unites her government with the Modi’s fascist Hindutva regime. This has favored a good and interested welcome by the Indian regime this time.

But, if this was the geopolitical, international strategic context of the visit, this time it was the interest of Italian imperialism that was conjugated, set up and practiced, certainly not in name of Europe but rather in open competition with the other European imperialist powers, still better placed in economic ties with India -Germany, France and, to a lesser extent, UK, which clearly experiences a historically ambivalent relationship with India as a "two-faced Janus".

In this context, Meloni and her government have been able to act as grand commis above all for the Italian war and energy industry -Leonardo, Fincantieri, Enel- leading to the planning of massive orders for the war industry, with the further step of a wide plan of military links, joint manoeuvres, training programs, which actually implies the entry also military of Italian imperialism into the area within the international dispute. In this sense, the strategic partnership that the visit sanctioned is not the linguistic ritual that often characterizes these meetings, but a true and significant fact.

The Italian bourgeois press has already listed the military economic agreements defined during the visit. We will return on this in the next few days.

What are the consequences of this visit and of these agreements in the national and international class struggle?

Clearly, internally it results in more war industry, more war economy, that for the imperialist state means more military spending, more direct military intervention of the Italian armed forces in that region, higher strategic ideological-political homogeneity with the fundamentalist fascist regime which now rules the state which few months ago has become the most populous one in the world and one of the giants of the world imperialist system in terms of economy and increasingly in terms of military dispute in what appears to be the most important and decisive strategic scenario in the world, the Asian/Pacific region.

Every strengthening of Italian imperialism and its action on this terrain is a strengthening and consolidation of the government at the internal level, which of course has repercussions on the internal front in the class clash between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. This also leads to the increase of India's weight in our country and of the internal contradictions of Europe.

From the side of the proletarians, however, this visit is also a big opportunity to understand the importance of the class struggle and the people's war ongoing in India against the bourgeois regime, ally and servant of imperialism, and the need for unity which can and has to be developed between the proletarians and people’s masses in Italy and the proletarian and peasant masses in struggle in India.

More than ever, we have common enemies, we fight against allied governments of the same nature. And this is good for the class struggle and internationalism.

It is known that the Italian Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communists have a close, consolidated and indissoluble ideological and political bond with the Indian MLM communists and that we promoted and enlivened in our country and in the world a Committee of support and solidarity with the struggle and the ongoing people's war in India led by the “Naxalites”, the CPI (Maoist).

It is clear to us that any strengthening of the ties between the Italian bourgeoisie and the Indian bourgeoisie makes them common enemies, and this is well within the struggle for the proletarian and socialist revolution in our country and on a world scale.

proletari comunisti/PCm Italy

4th of March, 2023

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