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Communiqué-MCP Manipur

Dated 9th November 2014
There is an expectation of a great change in the Revolutionary movement of the world because of intensification and strengthening of Communist Party Of India (Maoist), Communist Party of Philippines (CPP) and various organisations under the guiding principles of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism operating all over the world. That entire great possible attempt has been made to suppress the movements and struggle of the communists by the Reactionary governments which serve as an agent of the US Imperialist.
However in spite of all these impediments, the MLM Parties has been developing and spreading all over the globe by detaching the blood sacrificed by the brave people’s Army and by the indefatigable efforts of the poor, peasants and workers. The main trend of revolution is strengthened. Greater attraction of people towards Maoism and socialism all across the world is a very positive sign.
South Asian Sub Continents and its conditions:
Bangladesh is a country in the South Asian Sub-continent where there is an objective condition of the revolution. It is clearly seen that it will be a place where the struggle of the Maoist will be successful if the a revolutionary party based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism has been approached through creative application which should be in concord with the communist struggle initiated by Late Comrade Siraj Sikdar and also with the Social, Political, Economy and Military strategy that have been changing in Bangladesh.
The Maoists in Nepal are facing and confronting a great deal of perils and obstacles on account of betrayal of Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai who have become Indian agents. As the people of Nepal have realised that Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai have betrayed them and their venture for a decade by waging people’s war in which several thousand comrades have sacrificed their lives, Communist Party of Nepal Maoist (CPN-M) have been facing great difficulties in the effort of re- organisation of the party. The desperate feeling felt in the hearts of the people, in this situation, cannot be taken lightly to console/appease for a new inspiration. We have to see what new approach of struggle, the Maoist in Nepal will be able to cope with these challenges.
The same serious situation happens to Bhutan Maoist as consequence of the betrayal of Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai being stockbrokers of India. As for the North-east state of India, the revolutionaries have been progressing national liberation struggle in protest against annexation and colonial rule. But they are experiencing defeats after defeats, and therefore, their struggle has been deteriorating in the present scenario. Some of them have surrendered as they were entangled in the trap India’s trickster, and there are some who’s their valuable time has been wasted in the name of Cease-fire.
Manipur and its Conditions:
The intention of Maoist revolution in South-Asian sub-continent is to highlight this fact, most particularly in respect of the situation in Manipur. It is to be pointed out that the Independence struggle for Manipur against Indian expansionism was engrained in 1948 by the formation of Communist Party in Manipur by comrade Hijam Irabot. But it is not exaggeration to say that the pace of struggle has become silhouetted with the death of Lamyanba Hijam Irabot in 1951. And the movement or the struggle has been fallen in the clutches of CPI revisionist. However the National liberation movement with patriotic spirit has been going on persistently. But after the death of Prominent Communist leader of Manipur, Hijam Irabot along with the disappearance of Communist movement, it has been replaced by bourgeois democratic revolution for Thirty or Forty years, so to say.
This bourgeois democratic revolution has been giving untold harassment and suffering to the general public. The share of sustenance of the poor and the deprived section of the society; peasants, workers and labours etc., has been looted and eaten up by rich contractors, fraudulent ministers, MLAs and selfish bureaucrats who can sell our lands for their selfish self and benefits. Those so called bureaucrats have become dispatch rider, runner, and slave for the so self-proclaimed revolutionaries co-operating themselves and oppressing general public. Thus they have been harassing the people in general.
There are Six old armed revisionist Party fighting for National Liberation and they are United National Liberation Front (UNLF) and Its armed wing called Manipur People’s Army, Revolutionary Peoples’ Front (RPF) and its armed with Peoples Liberation Army (PLA), Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL) an armed pro fundamentalist party and its armed wing Meeyamgi Yawol Lanmi (MYL). People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (Prepak) and Its armed wing Red Army, People Revolutionary Army of Kangleipak – Progressive ( Prepak-Pro) and Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP). They have united and form a united front called Coordinating Committee (CorCom). There is no political program of all six parties so far in the best of our knowledge and nothing document has found by the people of Manipur. They are extremely against the Maoist movement in Manipur. They want to maintain their status-quo and lead the national liberation struggle.
But only a revolutionary party which guiding principal is MLM can lead the National Liberation struggle to the victory. The very cause or factors for the declining of Manipur National Liberation struggle are; besides of lack of giving political consciousness to the cadres, ignorance of perfect understanding about the movement of the National Liberation struggle; ill-treatment to the subjects; disdainful attitude to cope with the people; party being guided by Military chain of Command in place of guided by political guiding principles etc. But they are the chain of obstacle which collaborate between Minister, MLA, bourgeois and bureaucrats as one side and armed revisionist Parties as one side.
There is multi polar political conditions those are Reactionary government supported by the Indian Imperialist on one side, armed revisionist party which lead the Bourgeois Democratic Revolution and Maoist Communist Party which lead the new democratic Revolution. There is an internal and ideological unity between Reactionary government and Armed Revisionist party by sharing power to shuck the blood of poor people. We are in a stage of peoples’ desperate retreat because of every repeated failure of people’s democratic movements. It has been vividly seen that those some leaders of Frontal Organisation of Bourgeois Democratic Revolution who are self-proclaimed leaders become bourgeois and start competing and participating in Indian Parliamentary Politics.
As a clear instant, those who launch the bourgeois revolution and their frontal organisations are really the puppets in the pocket of either a Minister or the other. They make the revolutionary movement confused and mesmerised before reaching the right decision or the goal being sought for. Thus they will repeatedly launch movements but not for proper settlement and permanent solution; and therefore, people become frustrated, resentful and frenzied, and so people stay far away from such people’s movements. It is revealed that most of the big hospitals, private companies, hotels, precious watches, big mansions and structures belong to most of the revolutionary leaders (self-proclaimed), Ministers, MLAs, and their relatives etc. Among them, some army/police officers are also taking the same benefits. So, the people of Manipur unmistakably know that these people are mainly exploiting the people in general and sucking their blood in open. In this way, national liberation movement/struggle has been declining.
The Frontal Organization and old armed revisionist party can be compared to a tiger without teeth in present context. And it cannot but say that there are frenzied hostilities, contradictions and differences among the communities in Manipur which is forcefully and effectively caused by the Divide and Rule policy of the Government of India. It is to be said that in view and consideration of dialect/language, dress, culture and traditions, the communities in Manipur is amalgamated to be major communities as Meitei, Naga and Kuki. Naga people do not trust in Kuki people and vice-versa. The same care is to Meitei people, too, and vice-versa. So, narrow nationalism is justifiably taken as the ethnic vanguard. Truly speaking, the narrow nationalism is a reactionary concept. This becomes stumbling block to fight against imperialist India, and keeps Indian colonialism surviving/alive.
The only escape route from Indian divide and rule policy is to discard the guiding principles of narrow nationalism. A progressive thought only can do it, and then a revolutionary movement can be built up. If we have to make a perfect movement of National Liberation struggle and People’s Democratic movement of the people of Manipur, all of us should avoid the bourgeois democratic revolution led by the Armed revisionist Parties and their frontal organisations led by the Bourgeois and Contractors.
Drafted by, International Committee Maoist Communist Party Manipur.

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