Wednesday, November 26, 2014

India - -Against the family planning murders of women - Condemn the limitation on buying paddy


Our Party blames the Chathisgarh government for the incident of failed family planning operations leading to the death of women in Pendari in Bilaspur. We severely condemn the conspiratorial and criminal negligence of the government towards the poor and the tribal people. We express condolence and sympathy to the families of the deceased and the severely ill women in the Pendari and other FP camps.
We call upon the democrats, progressive persons, activists of human rights organisations, workers, peasants, women, the media persons, doctors and health workers who set down to protest demonstrations demanding excuse and resignation from the health minister and the Chief Minister. Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee calls upon the Chathisgarh Chapter of the Indian Medical Association to aim the anti people Raman government in the present context of deaths of women during FP operations. We also appeal to raise voice in support of and to express condolence to, the families of the deceased women. The negligence of the government towards the health of the people is evident not only in the present context but also during eye camps earlier. It had become a costly affair to go to the government run medical camps.
The government claims to be for the welfare of the people but the truth is that the poor are only conspiratorially neglected in these camps. One of the reasons for this negligence is to stop the people from expecting treatment in the government hospitals and camps. Another is to give way to the private corporate hospitals to mint money. The government is protecting the capitalists and the multinational companies that manufacture duplicate medicine and is making people vulnerable to death.
Due to the anti people and pro feudal, capitalist and multi-national company policy of the government, the masses of the country are more and more put to poverty, begging, ill health, illiteracy, homelessness and other such fundamental necessities. The government repeatedly states that the population of the poor is the basis for all these problems. Thus it states that family planning is the answer to all these problems.
It conducts FP camps in an irresponsible manner. It unfairly encourages the tribal and non tribal poor people for family planning and also forcefully does so. This puts the primitive tribe that is becoming extinct in more danger. Education is necessary regarding family planning which allows the people to decide about it. In this context we wish to state that the increase in the number of population leads to the increase of working hands two fold. If each and every hand is given enough work there is no scarcity of food.
Our country is not poor in jal, jungle and zameen and natural resources. But the problem is that the sources are not used in favor of the poor but the capitalist in the country and across the world. The people would live better only if this is solved. Struggle against the exploiting ruing classes is the only path for self reliance, genuine development and true freedom.
Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee,
CPI (Maoist).


Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee of CPI (Maoist) severely condemns the Central and the state government’s anti farmer policy regarding stopping of bonus and limiting to ten quintals per acre of buying of paddy by the Government and calls upon all the farmers of Chathisgarh to take up militant agitation against the same.
This anti farmer decision is a clear conspiracy to benefit the imperialists. This, along with advocating the farmers to change the crop cycle, discouraging to cultivate paddy, making the country dependent on the imperialists for daily food is nothing but anti people. In the name of change of crop cycle the government is trying to encourage commercial crops like ratanjyoth in order to benefit the multi national companies.
On one hand America, Japan and other such imperialist countries are giving hundred percent subsidies for the farmers and on the other hand the farmers of our country are facing cuts on subsidies and are also totally deprived of the same. This is nothing but the conspiracy of the government to make the farmers handicapped.
We call upon all the progressive, democratic and patriotic sections, human rights activists and the peasants and workers to raise voice against the anti peasant decision of the government that represents the ruling, exploitative classes in collaboration with the imperialists. We call upon the peasant masses of Chathisgarh to come together and demand the abolition of the limitation on buying paddy and for the support price of Rs. 2500 per quintal. We are in support to the struggle.

Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee,
CPI (Maoist).

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