Monday, November 17, 2014

India Boykott poll in Bihar ..PCI (M)..

BIHAR-JHARKHAND BORDERS: After being cornered by government and security forces in the past few years, the Maoists have once again tried to hold the centre stage during elections by calling for a complete poll boycott. The announcement was made by the Bihar-Jharkhand Special Area Committee (BJSAC) of the CPI (Maoists) in a press conference organised by them in the undisclosed locations, somewhere on Bihar-Jharkhand borders on Saturday.
Addressing media, BJSAC spokesperson Gopal Ji said that even as the government has been claiming increase in poll percentage during recent Lok Sabha elections, it is nothing but eyewash. “Elections are hardly free and fair because in the name of providing security arrangement, central para military forces are used to terrorise electors and under the shadow of guns no one can freely exercise their right to franchise,” he said.
Criticising the mainstream political parties for forging ‘opportunist’ alliances to grab power, the Maoists said, electors should understand that they have become puppets in the hands of ‘votebaaj’ political parties. “Even the so called communist parties like CPI, CPM, CPIML and Marxist coordination committee have entered into alliance to gain seats in this pseudo democratic system,” Gopal Ji said. Claiming failure of incumbent democratic system he said that in the history of past 64 years of Indian republic, the basic necessities of common people have not been fulfilled by successive governments.
“Jharkhand is rich in mineral reserves still the life of common people is miserable, the condition of people living in mineral rich belts is degrading whereas the ministers and political masters are amassing huge wealth,” he said. Releasing a written press communique BJSAC has said that the expectation of common people from tribal chief ministers has also remained unfulfilled. “Tribal masses expected that their right over jal-jungle-jamin and tribal identity would be protected by the tribal leaders but even they started targeting the tribal villages to handover right of natural resources to outsiders,” the release read.
Asked if they extend support to some selected leaders and political parties during elections in the name of poll boycott, Gopal Ji said that they have issued warning against their own leader as his wife is contesting election. “We are against electoral politics and have warned Manorama Devi, wife of comrade Arun contesting election from Chatra seat on symbol of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha. Even comrade Arun has clarified that party (Maoists) has nothing to do with his wife’s decision to contest election,” he said. Asked if the Maoists were ready to take action against those joining the fray, Gopal ji said that action would be political in nature. “Everyone has the right to chose political stream and our only contention is that electoral politics is unyielding,” he said.

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