Sunday, November 23, 2014

Let us defend the revolutionary Rojava and the resistance in Palestine! - a declaration of maoists and antimperialist forces

The imperialist forces and their regional collaborators try to impose their policy of enslavement and exploitation on the peoples of the Middle East. As progressive, antiimperialist, revolutionary and communist forces we must counter this with our joint struggle. We, parties and organizations from the Middle East and Europe, call for solidarity with the struggle of the peoples in the Middle East against imperialism and the reactionary states of the region.
We extend our greetings to the heroic resistance of the defenders of Kobanê, who have been standing firmly against the storm of fascist gangs since 15 September, and to the struggle of all progressive forces against imperialism in Kurdistan, Palestine and the Middle East. We demand the immediate repeal of the PKK ban and of the related jurisdiction which criminalizes international solidarity. We call on all antifascist, antiimperialist, progressive, revolutionary and communist organizations, parties and individual persons to support the defense of Kobanê and Rojava and to support the liberation struggle of the peoples in the Middle East!
We call up to: form solidarity committees, organize meetings, demonstrations, occupations and strikes at work, at universities and schools, in the streets and on the squares. We call up to: collect financial and material donations, create publicity; discuss and inform about the current situation. We call up to: participate actively in the struggle of the peoples of the Middle East, defend the revolutionary Rojava by your participation in the international brigades!
International recognition of the cantons Afrin, Cizîrê and Kobanê Cantons in Rojava!
Long live the Kobanê resistance!
Long live the struggle of the peoples in the Middle East!
Long live proletarian internationalism!
Kommunistischer Aufbau
Rode Morgen

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