Monday, November 17, 2014

Statement on the thirteenth Party anniversary-CPButan (MLM)

Seventh November every year simultaneously is the October revolution day in the international context and anniversary of the establishment of our party, Communist Party Of Bhutan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) in our national context. By the way, seventh November this year i.e. today is ninety-sixth October revolution day and thirteenth Party anniversary at a time.
On the auspicious occasion of the anniversary of the party the central headquarters extends deepest revolutionary regards to our exploited and oppressed masses of people, well wishers and the party members who are still standing for the cause. Likewise, on the auspicious occasion of the ninety-sixth October revolution day our party extends warmest greetings to the world oppressed masses and the fraternity circle. Furthermore, the party headquarters publicizes our stance on the latest development in the circumstance as under:
1. Firstly, with reference to the 20th plenum of our central committee the party headquarters once more clarifies that those leaders and cadremen of ours who have either opted ‘third country resettlement’ or those who have made their carrier out of anti social and unethical deeds like robbery , smuggling and so on, have already lost their membership. For this reason, party shall not be responsible for their misconducts.
If in the days to come they are found to have been plotting against or spying on any forces, groups, party organizations or individuals, the party will not defend against any reactions received by them for we have no connection with such elements.
2. Secondly, it is found that some of our ex-members are responsible for the information leakage. The matters related to the privacy of the party-revolution are found to be disclosed unethically. On this regard, the party H.Q warns them not to manipulate against the party any more.
The party has always respected the personal freedom of all the leaders and the rank and file. We would like to remind that our party has adopted the policy and established the value of no interference in the personal and family life of those ex-members who have left the party for their personal or family related reasons. In return, the party expects nothing but either their moral support or neutral position.
3. Finally, our party emphasizes on our notion that the Indian expansionism and Wangchuck family autocratic monarchy combine together to form a reactionary nexus of the principal enemies of Bhutan and the Bhutanese masses of people. We for this cause have strong determination to fight back against the very nexus. On the contrary, other political forces advocating for ‘democratic’ reform are still confused. They do not understand the essence of these two inseparable components of the reactionary nexus
. This illusion of theirs has resulted in serious impediment. On the other hand, infiltration and treachery of the reactionary agents in every political group has resulted in great loss time and again. No sincere activist is seen conscious enough to check such a infiltration. This has been one of the greatest loopholes on the part of sincere activists of all political groups and ideologies.
Thus, our great and glorious party hereby, wishes to point out an urgent necessity of the formation of an anti expansionist and anti feudalist block or a front there by consciously checking the reactionary infiltration.
Vikram Act. General Secretary

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