Friday, November 28, 2014

editorial of People's March October-December 2014 Modi’s haste and an anniversary.

Modi is reputed to be a workaholic. He has proved that and even more.

There has never been such a systematic opening up of the country to
imperialism, so quickly and so widely, as seen in the few months he has been
in office. Defence, insurance, resources - everything is up for sale. The
man is in a hurry.This wholesale sell-out is packaged as making India a
powerful country.

One would assume that this calls for developing the capacities of its
people, of utilising its resources to become self-reliant. Modi and his RSS
mentors have a totally different take. For them, 'making India' is 'make in
India', an invitation for all imperialists and whoever has capital to come,
exploit its labour and

plunder its resources. There can be nothing more demonstrative of the
comprador character of the Sangh Parivar, the hollowness of its nationalism,
than this slogan. They will gladly sell their Bharat Mata to the highest

Their aggressive Brahmanical Hindu fascism serves this aim. It props up an
ugly chauvinism that hides the reality of dependence, divides the people and
attacks all who resist.

While the extremities of the Sangh Parivar are particular to it, dependence
on imperialism and the privileging of Brahmanic Hinduism are attributes
common to all sections of the Indian ruling classes. The resolution to the
situation the country finds itself in must be sought outside their system.

That is where the second part of our title, the anniversary, comes in. It
refers to the 10 th anniversary of the CPI (Maoist). This is an important
occasion. It marks a decade of the formation of a single directing centre
for the Indian revolution through the merger of its two main streams. The
new democratic revolution

led by this party, carried forward through a protracted people's war waged
by the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA), is the only way out for

The future it holds up is already being concretised in the new society and
new state being built in the guerrilla bases in Central and Eastern India.
It is one in which the people are the masters of their destiny, their
surroundings and the rich resources of the land. This is something that can
truly claim to being made

in India, with the blood and tears of its people.

It is no wonder then that this revolution becomes the biggest threat for the
Indian ruling classes and the imperialists. Modi starts off from where
Manmohan Singh's 'war on people' had reached, now with more brutal force,
accompanied by the Sangh Parivar's fascism. Its true intentions are now more
blatant - 27

battalions of para-military are being sent to Chhattisgarh alone to destroy
people's power and their PLGA, in order to ensure that all obstacles to the
plunder of resources are removed.

We must defend and strengthen this revolution, we must defend and strengthen
the party leading it.

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