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Split in PCNepal maoist? if it is a true two-line struggle the thing can be good!

CPN-Maoist Clippings 14/11/2014

CPN-M Row: Secy Chand to wait till CC meet
KATHMANDU /KAPILVASTU, NOV 14 – CPN-Maoist Secretary Netra Bikram Chand has warned that the party could split if the planned central committee meeting fails to give a “new direction”, as demanded by his faction. The party’s politburo has announced to hold its central committee meeting on Saturday, which is expected to address the concerns raised by Chand and his loyalists. Discontent with the party leadership, Chand and his supporters have dissented against party Chairman Mohan Baidya and threatened to form a new party to start another “people’s war”. Disregarding Baidya’s warning, Chand visited Kapilvastu on Wednesday to discuss the prospect of forming a new party with his supporters.
Addressing the gathering at Shivagadhi village on Thursday, Chand said directed his supporters to prepare for another “rebellion”, but he clarified that it could take at least a few months to build a another “revolutionary force”. The planned central committee meeting is likely to decide if Chand and his supporters will quit CPN-Maoist. “There has been a decision to demand discussion on his (Chand) document in the central committee meeting.
The chairman’s document has failed to give a fresh blood to the party,” a senior leader told the Post, adding that they will form a new party if the establishment side fails to heed their demands. Chand had tabled a separate political document at the party’s central committee meeting in July, proposing unified people’s rebellion as a continuity of people’s war. Briefing the Kapilvastu gathering, senior leaders, including Khadga Bahadur Bishwokarma, claimed the party leadership was in a hurry to hand over the party back to UCPN (Maoist). “We should move ahead if this is what they want. The party cannot survive like this anymore,” a leader quoted Bishwokarma as saying. Sources said Bishwokarma is in favour of launching an underground rebellion. CPN-Maoist representatives from around 50 districts are participating in the two-day conclave.–row-secy-chand-to-wait-till-cc-meet/397677.html

CPN-Maoist secretary boycotts politburo meet
KATHMANDU, Nov 11: A serious rift has surfaced in the Mohan Baidya´s CPN-Maoist after disgruntled faction led by party secretary Netrabikram Chand boycotted the party´s politburo meeting in Kathmandu on Monday. The agitating faction has been forming parallel committees in several districts and is also preparing to hold a separate national convention within a few weeks, said a leader of the faction. Secretary Chand had also boycotted the party office bearers meeting held on Friday and Saturday. “Comrade Biplav (Chand) was also among those demanding the politburo meeting, so his absence does not bode well,” party spokesperson Pampha Bhusal, told Republica.
But a leader close to Chand said that Chand is currently in Chitwan to make preparations for an unilateral national conference of the party, said a leader close to him. In the 13-member politburo of the CPN-Maoist, Chand and another leader Khadga Bahadur Bishwakarma represent the dissident faction. CPN-Maoist was formed in 2012 as a splinter faction of the UCPN (Maoist). But division started in the splinter faction itself when Chand during the party´s central committee meeting in July submitted a separate political paper, expressing his differences with the political line of party chairman Mohan Baidya.
Though the party in July had decided to hold a special general convention within a year to finalize its political line, it has not yet fixed the date for such convention. Chand in his separate political paper has proposed to make preparations for yet another “people´s revolt” saying that producing “people´s constitution” is not possible from the existing political course and power structure while Baidya-led faction is for creating public pressure to produce “people´s constitution” on the ground laid by the 10-year long Maoist insurgency. The Chand faction leaders said that, their boycott is just a reaction to the party´s refusal to hold special convention.
Irked by a party´s decision to suspend a leader of his faction in Chitwan on the charge of forging alliance with a faction of UCPN (Maoist), Chand faction has of late expedited its parallel activities in various districts. “There is no point in attending the party politburo meeting because we have been demanding special convention for resolving the issue of political line of the party,” Party central committee member Santosh Budha, who is close to Chand told Republica.
Despite the boycott from the disgruntled faction, politburo meeting of the party started Monday. “We discussed party´s organizational issues and possible protest programs targeting the constitution promulgation deadline of January 22,” said spokesperson Bhusal. “The meeting will continue on Tuesday as well.” The party establishment faction has claimed that, the party would take action against the leaders boycotting the party meetings.

CPN-Maoist on the verge of split
KATHMANDU, NOV 12 – The internal rift in the CPN-Maoist has reached boiling point with a faction led by Secretary Netra Bikram Chand calling a national gathering of supporters that leaders say could lead the former rebel force to another spilt. The Chand faction has called two representatives from each district for a ‘crucial meeting’ on Wednesday, ignoring CPN-Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidya’s warning of disciplinary action.
The two-day meeting is expected to be held in Butwal. Chand and Khadga Bahadur Bishwokarma had boycotted the party’s politburo meeting that started on Monday, accusing the establishment faction of “ignoring” their demand for a central committee meeting. In a statement on Tuesday, Baidya directed Chand to immediately stop factional politics or face action. The politburo meeting had concluded that some “responsible” leaders were acting against the party rules by boycotting the politburo meeting. The meeting, which unanimously passed Baidya’s political document, has decided to hold a central committee meeting on November 15 and an extended central committee meeting thereafter.
Bishwokarma said that he boycotted the politburo meet as there was nothing new to discuss. “As we see, the party establishment is trying to merge the party with the UCPN (Maoist) [the mother party]. How can they say we are splitting the party while we have been sticking to its true ideology?” questioned Bishwokarma, neither confirming nor denying a split. The two factions have been drifting apart after Chand challenged Baidya by presenting a separate political document titled “Unified people’s rebellion as a continuity of the People’s War” during the Central Committee meeting held on July 3. Baidya’s document spoke of launching a “popular revolt on the foundation of the People’s War”. Sources from both the sides said a split is imminent as the gulf between the two factions has widened due to the growing aspirations of young leaders.
Though Bishwokarma is the sole politburo member to support Chand, he has a huge following in the central committee. Most of the young leaders are former guerillas. Chand is strong also in district committees and other wings including Civil Servants’ Union, trade unions, students’ union and journalists’ union. He had earlier challenged the party establishment by forming parallel panels in the districts and sister wings. “He met district leaders across the country before challenging the establishment. He has considerable support at the central and lower levels to lead another revolutionary force,” said a CPN-M source.
Baidya warns of action against Chand
KATHMANDU, NOV 11 – The CPN-Maoist has ordered its faction led by Secretary Netra Bikram Chand to immediately halt the actions and activities against the party’s interests. The party establishment faction has warned of taking action against Chand faction after later boycotted the party’s politburo meeting accusing establishment faction of departing from the party principles and heading towards revisionism.
The politburo meeting held at party headquarters in Budhhanagar, Kathmandu on Monday and Tuesday expressed sadness saying that the responsible leaders themselves have started factional politics. There is growing difference between party Chairman Mohan Baidya and Secretary Chand over the party’s future roadmap. Chand faction has been preparing to call a separate meeting on Wednesday and Thursday outside valley while the party has called for a Central Committee meeting on November 15 to settle the internal dispute. The November 15 meeting is also proposing to call an extended CC meet on November 22, party sources said.
The meeting has demanded the government organise an all-party meet to forge a national consensus for constitution drafting. Likewise, the politburo meet has also asked the government to scrap the agreements for Upper Karnali and Arun-III hydropower projects signed with Indian companies.
CPN-Maoist CC meet to address increasing differences
KATHMANDU, , NOV 11 :The CPN-Maoist is to hold a plenum meeting of its central committee on coming November 22 in order to address the increasing differences in the party. The meeting has been summoned in wake of the boycotting of the party programmes by party secretary Netra Bikram Chand, who has been calling for a guerrilla war as per the need to complete the goals of the people´s revolt. Along with Secretary Chand, Khadga Bahadur Biswakarma also boycotted the party´s politburo meeting held on Monday and Tuesday.
It may be noted that Secretary Chand has already called a gathering of central members of his favour and two representatives each from every district for November 12. The politburo meeting decided to hold central committee meeting on November 15 and a plenum of the committee on November 22, according to a statement issued by the party Chair Mohan Baidhya here today. The meeting also decided to immediately stop

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