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India - The Flame Of Farmers Resistance Continues To Shine At Tikri Border - info

On the Tikri border the water continues to simmer at a boiling point with magnitude of intensity of agitators never decreasing. With surgical skill the mass leaders and activists of the Bhartiya Kisan Union(Ugrahan) enable the flag of resistance to flutter. Below I am submitting four  reports which perfectly illustrate the sheer power of the farmers resistance, like call continuously burning in a furnace. I complement the leaders and cadre for most methodical approach, doing just what the doctor ordered. Heartening to still witness such a strong presence of women. It is also noteworthy how it has revived progressive Sikh religious figures of the past and linked them to the current crisis. With concrete examples they explained how diversionary the lockdown process was on the ground, throwing the root problems into the dustbin. They brought to light how Corona was used as a pretext to prevent the cutting edge of class struggles from developing and laying a trap on genuine movements. I also relished some of the speakers explain that the victory of parties in recent elections was superficial, as morally or in essence they were part and parcel of the oppressive fabric of the system. It is significant that the farmers organisations are trying to win over the class of shopkeepers to their side.I got a sensation of  a boulder resisting a powerful thunderstorm witnessing the resilience of the protestors.

On  May 13th ,on the occasion of the historic day of Sirhind Fateh, the cultural groups of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur in the pandal submerged at Tikri Border near Pakora Chowk near Gadri Gulab Kaur Nagar on the border of Delhi. The theme of the event was recounting the heroic deeds of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, who in his lifetime was a martyr in people’s genuine liberation from entrapment of slavery. In the vey language or idiom sof the people they summed up how he played an integral role in combating landlordism and was crusader in emancipating the poor.


The entire action of the stage was run by the youth .. Addressing a pandal with hundreds of farmers, labourers, women, youth and small businessmen, State Secretary Shingara Singh Mann recalled the brave warriors that Baba Banda Singh Bahadur galvanised forces against the Oppressive  Mughal rulers and emerged victorious.. Even today wars are being fought against the oppressed governments. Banda Singh Bahadur also and won victories for peasants in winning land rights,, which was previously occupied by a handful of landlords. Even today, the situation is the same that almost 18 % of the

farmer’s land buried under the debt has been lost. Of course land limitations law is in place, but the riots still have thousands of acres of land. With the power of people, this land distribution must be finished and by stopping the looting of hard working people in police station, courts and courts, the state of people’s son must be established.

Naujwan   Bharat Sabha State President Ashwani Ghuda said that Modi government is destroying the livelihood of Indian farmers. He said there was substantial employment in agriculture before imperialist  policies were implemented. Agriculture and imperial companies have imposed  anti-farmer policies under the name of economic reforms. All proceeds from farming like  agricultural machinery, seeds, fertilizers, or spray are absorbed by manufacturing companies. Companies through  looting and enforcing interest have caused havoc to farmers, and labourers in obtaining   loans and paving  the path of many a suicide. India must abandon World Trade Organization policies and cut n companies blind profits to resolve the country’s agricultural crisis, he said

PSU (Shaheed Randhawa) leaders Amitoj Morh and Jagsir Salemgarh said that the  figh against black laws, is not a religious war. These black laws will make people’s lives worse. He said the victory of West Bengal is the victory of a political party of the ruling classes.. This win will not improve our own. The Punjab government is also doing its wishes. They said you have to work and protect it.

Roop Singh Jhajjar (Haryana) said that the BJP government is seizing the opportunity to loot all the hard working people. Government’s policy and intentions are anti-people. He narrated  that when political people gather millions by doing rallies, no kind of corona spreads at that time but when farmers, laborers have to go out of their homes for their work, then the corona virus spreads rapidly. He said the rise of the disease is a failure of the government since last year to undertake adequate arrangements to curb the disease.

District Bathinda’s vice president Paramjit Kaur Kotra said that there was a time when banks used to search the houses of farmers and many farmers were caught and sent to jails but today people are united. This is why no farmer is allowed to go to jail. The organization has imposed a complete ban on the auctions of chairs.

Shamsher Singh, the leader of the Save the Land Movement, said that no law is being made for the welfare of farmers or labourers. Due to the attack of Corona, many dead bodies are being thrown into dirty drains. No adequate arrangements have been made by the governments regarding Corona prevention. Lack of qualified health facilities is causing merciless loss of live.. Balwinder Singh Ghanor Jatt said that we are fighting for our livelihood. Opportunist  BJP government wants to sell farmer s’ land to corporate households at a price of money. Public institutions are being sold by the Modi government. Hardworking people are being looted in the name of Corona disease.

Rajwinder Singh Raju played the role of stage secretary and speakers asserted that people emerged victorious   whenever people fight together. No power in the world can defeat people.

On May 14th to reject anti-agricultural black laws, the permanent front running at the Tikri border near Pakora Chowk, Gadri Gulab Kaur Nagar  a conference was held .


The stage was conducted by the state leader of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (Ekta Ugraha) by Harinder Kaur Bindu. She addressed the question raised by the Women’s Commission on State President Joginder Singh Ugrahan regarding the safety of women in this front that even though women were subjugated and women are discriminated against in the male dominated society. This topic was touched upon in the background of an unfortunate case of rape of a Bengali girl in the mist of the united farmer’s protests. The organisation expressed deep regret over the incident and put the issue under inverstigation.“However many leaders of our organization comprise women.. The BKU (Ugrahan) in her words is always striving to remove social evils.” Addressing female speakers she said ‘We should not face any difficulties by working under the leadership of this organization. Here we are getting the same honor as men. The ongoing march in Delhi is about to be 6 months and thousands of women are continuously joining. They’ve never faced any problem of any kind. That is why women in Punjab have been joining this organization for decades and also lead the gholas. We learn a lot like schools by attending the fronts and reaching the stages in the pandals.”

Bathinda district leader Paramjit Kaur Kotra said that the current war had its origin from 630 villages of Punjab and tied from the fronts in Badal’s village and Patiala. The unity of farmers, labourers, women and men, the political people have embarrassed the government in it’s very backyard..Government leaders are making wide roads, high bridges and giving scant respect to genuine development, but people are being looted by putting toll plazas everywhere. Diesel and petrol prices are skyrocketing which increases total inflation. Through black agricultural laws, big companies will also eliminate manual hand labour which will lead to a tremendous increase in unemployment. India is an agricultural country where grains grow for 138 crore population and got huge employment in agriculture which has already been monitored with the new agriculture model.

Sita Rani Bhodipura said that we should reach the movement along with families. Efforts should be put together to collect all the agricultural labourers. The future of our children is being blurred by the government by closing schools and opening liquor contracts under the guise of Corona. They invited to speed up the struggle by being organised, victory is assured.

Baljit Kaur Mehna said that the Modi government wants to divert the attention of the people from the actually ongoing movement by spreading more terror about the corona disease. But the government is shying away  from its duties. It should be that good health facilities should be arranged to protect people from disease. When politicians come to villages to ask for votes, people will surround them and ask questions.

From today’s stage, folk singer Jagsir Ji’s music group filled the front with revolutionary lyrics and songs and gave people a stir for the struggle.

On 9th May Thousands of farmers, laborers, women and young boys and girls collected  at Gadri Gulab Kaur Nagar stage in a movement on Delhi border  to cancel anti-agriculture black laws Shingara Singh Mann, State Secretary of the organization, logically narrated how  education given by our gurus peers gives a pivot or boost  the ongoing movement. When  On 8th May  Indian farmers on the land of Punjab implementing the invitation given by the United Farmers Morcha Union (Ekta Ugraha) to forcefully close shops in cities, towns to stop the injury on the employment of street holders in a large number of farmers, labourers, youths and mothers and sisters in 87 cities Strong protests in the towns. During his speeches, he said that the lockdown is not a meaningful solution to the disease. The government should rather help the labourers instead of locking them indoors and killing them It should have made recruitments of doctors.- in hospitals and made adequate arrangements for medical supplies. By creating an atmosphere of terror in reverse, people are being forced within the four walls of their houses by escalating fear.

Master Gurcharan Singh Khokhar said that the Corona crisis is creating different levels of inequality in India by largely affecting the population of India. The biggest evidence of this inequality is in the field of education. During the Corona crisis, a series of schools have been closed. With that 1.57 billion children left schools and 370 million children missed lunch. There should be good schools and good hospitals for education and health facilities in the country but Modi government instead of  giving a meaningful solution to corona crisis, filled money in  treasury through imposing  taxes of working people in temples, statues, parliamentetc..

Amarjit Singh Saidoke said that the Modi government is creating the illusion of confronting  the struggle under the guise of Corona as an excuse to implement black laws and is not finding any way to talk. Centuries ago, the East India Company also came on the pretext of doing business and ruling for two hundred years straight, the country’s wealth and labor was heavily looted. Now black agriculture laws are being upheld to allow hundreds of large imperial corporate households to infiltrate agriculture.

Dr. Davinder Dhaola shared indigenous tips to prevent corona disease, said that pulses-sugar, fennel, ginger, cardamom and jamain etc can be boiled and drank. By putting mustard oil in the nose the virus does not enter.

Paramjit Kaur Kotra today shared Delhi Morcha’s achievements as 500 crore in Punjab and 800 crore corporate militants in India benefitedJarnail Singh Jawanda played the role of stage operations and leaders like Baldev Singh Abhiya, Gurpreet Singh Noorpura, Ajepal Singh Ghuda and Harbans Singh Kotli also addressed.

Earlier in a meeting on 8th May State President Joginder Singh Ugraha said that the central and Punjab government is imposing lockdown due to Corona. This is not a perfect solution to the disease. Small shopkeepers, laborers and street hawkers s closed inside their homes will die of hunger before Corona. That is why the organization is protesting the lockdown and is strongly supporting the opening of shopkeepers in the cities of Punjab.

Roop Singh Channa state leader said that through these black laws the process of snatching the land of farmers will be faster. That is why farmers of most of the states of India are struggling to save their lands. Amarjit Singh Saidoke District President Moga said that governments are puppets of corporates. That’s why working on their signal. The government has this illusion that the farmers will leave the struggle. Our struggle is peaceful. For example, haven’t broken a single leaf in five months. This struggle will continue until the government cancels the law. Darbara Singh Chajla District General Secretary Sangrur said that already our governments have not given us beneficial prices and now corporate households will blindly loot the prepared crops of farmers. Farmer s’ income will decrease and farmers will raise their hands from the land. Today, Paramjit Kaur Samura District Sangrur, Bittu Malan, Jagsir Jhumba etc. addressed from the stage.

In the view of  Surkh Rekha editor, Pavel Kussa in response to abstinence of shopkeepers from participating in protest called by the peasant organisations “Today, the farmer organizations of Punjab have protested against unnecessary restrictions on the deadly nihakis under the name of lockdown and demanding government responsibility for the necessary arrangements of health facilities. Some people thought that shopkeepers did not participate in these exhibitions as they expected. So such decisions need to be rethinked and such actions are expressing such as people’s empathy can be taken away.

“Understanding the situation, according to me, these actions of farmers were not only to help the shopkeeper community. First of all, the importance of this voice is present in challenging the government’s terror which is using Corona disease as a mask … To maintain the rise of the ongoing farmer s’ struggle, these restrictions must be challenged as Captain government has also issued orders to limit the number of farmer s’ protests in the state..There were also the shouts. Similarly, it is necessary to create a non-stop rail environment for Delhi convoys to come and go, one hidden purpose of government sanctions is to put a check on this ban. That’s why opposition against forced and unnecessary lockdown is also necessary for the next step of farmer s’ struggle. Otherwise the opening of shops is as important or more important as people as consumers not just for shops. If the shopkeepers are not yet in a position to protest effectively for various reasons, it does not mean that no part of the society will raise voice on this right thing. Without a doubt that part can’t replace shopkeepers and fight their battle, they have to do this work themselves, whether they do it today or not. As far as raising voice in the Corona period, people’s support is going to be scattered.. Even if the shopkeeper community did not come as expected, the farmer s’ organizations today have performed their duty as a democratic power by opposing these unnecessary lockdowns and by raising reasonable demand for health facilities and we hope that they will do this in future.”

Harsh Thakor is a freelance journalist.Toured India,particularly Punjab .Written on Mass movements ,,Massline,Maoism on blogs like Democracy and Class Struggle and frontierweekly .An avid cricket lover too who has posted writings on blogs like Pakpassion Indian Cricket Fans and

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