The Arab High Follow-Up Committee has declared a general strike and associated demonstrations in Arab communities across Israel on May 18; the strike will reportedly include all businesses and industries except for private education. Furthermore, the committee announced that it will coordinate peaceful protest activities nationwide with the assistance of local municipalities and activists. The purpose of the labor action and protests is to condemn alleged Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. Members of the High Follow-Up Committee are demanding an end to violence against Arabs, both in the Palestinian Territories and throughout Israel.

Strike-associated demonstrations are possible at popular protest venues, including public squares and near government buildings. Security forces will likely deploy to monitor any protests that may materialize. Clashes between authorities and protesters are possible if demonstrators ignore orders to disperse or are overly disruptive. Heightened security, as well as localized transport and business disruptions, are likely in Arab communities across Israel for the duration of the labor action.