Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tunisia - Demonstrations throughout the country in solidarity with Palestinian people

The 11th and 12th of May demonstrations took place from North to South and in the interior (West) Of Tunisia in solidarity with Palestinian people against the Zionist attack in Jerusalem in the last days. Everywhere demonstrators demand a law that ban and condemn any kind of normalization between Tunisia and the zionist entity of Israel. Ruling Tunisian parties and Tunisian regime are ambiguous about the Palestinian cause even if officially they support it, that’s why Tunisian people took the streets, even if officially was forbidden due to anti Covid-19 lockdown measures, demanding for this law and denouncing Tunisian government. Among the slogans:

Turkey and the Brotherhood are partners in the attacks (against Palestinians)! No peace no negotiation no normalization! The people want to ban the normalization! Broad revolutions and guns are the way to free Palestine! USA, Turkey and Qatar out of Palestine!


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